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Christopher Robin
Album Cover Art
Composed and Produced by:
Geoff Zanelli
Jon Brion

Additional Music by:
Richard M. Sherman
Paul Mounsey
Zak McNeil
Bryce Jacobs
Philip Klein

Conducted by:
Peter Rotter
Tim Williams

Orchestrated by:
Bruce Fowler
Yvonne S. Moriarty
Rick Gioninazzo
Philip Klein
Jennifer Hammond
Kevin Kaska
Steve Bartek
Edgardo Simone
David Slonaker
Edward Trybek
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Walt Disney Records
(August 3rd, 2018)
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Regular U.S. release.
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Buy it... if you can't help but feel warm and fuzzy about songwriter Richard M. Sherman's involvement in this picture and the sweet, conservatively rendered ensemble score for this concept's continuation.

Avoid it... if you assume that this story would inspire its team of composers to intelligently interpolate the Sherman Brothers' classic or new themes into the score in satisfying fashion.
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WRITTEN 10/31/18
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Christopher Robin: (Geoff Zanelli/Jon Brion/Various) For any middle-aged man who has discovered an old bin of his childhood stuffed animals or other toys, Disney's continuation of the "Winnie the Pooh" concept in 2018's Christopher Robin will carry a fair amount of meaning. The feel-good story of the live-action movie postulates that the titular character, as a grown man, has lost his passion for life and struggles in his relationship with his wife and daughter. Per chance and the magic of imagination, Winnie Pooh and other characters from the Hundred Acre Wood intervene to save the day and reemerge as impactful characters in the lives of Robin's family. Solid special effects, the return of voice actor Jim Cummings, and a noteworthy lead performance by Ewan McGregor were widely praised, though the film's otherwise tepid critical response and underwhelming returns revealed a hint of Eeyore cynicism at work. The film attempted to aim for both children and adults, the goofiness of the action scenes for the former and the weighty contemplations for the latter not really merging for universal appeal. The music for the film was a mess in its production but manages to have a somewhat happy ending itself. On the upside is the fresh involvement of Disney songwriter Richard M. Sherman at the age of 90. He and his late brother, Robert, wrote the iconic songs and scores for the "Winnie the Pooh" shorts and features that started in the 1960's and persist into the digital age. Sherman was proud to conjure three short, new songs for Christopher Robin, one for the assembled cast and the other two for his own vocals. To hear these additions to the concept's musical cannon in 2018 is nothing short of miraculous, and the soundtrack contains numerous references to three of the Sherman Brothers themes from the legacy films. Unfortunately, the situation involving the original score for Christopher Robin was an absolute mess, and the resulting mash-up of ideas for the picture manifests itself in a rather underplayed score that excels only occasionally. The assignment was originally Jóhann Jóhannsson's, though his death sent the studio in the direction of the Hans Zimmer realm for a replacement. Reports indicated that Klaus Badelt was slated to be involved, though a conflict of some sort led Disney to songwriter and niche composer Jon Brion instead. Later in production, the studio returned to the Zimmer realm to eventually hire longtime Remote Control Productions associate Geoff Zanelli to re-score the bulk of the film.

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Average: 3.17 Stars
***** 15 5 Stars
**** 24 4 Stars
*** 33 3 Stars
** 19 2 Stars
* 9 1 Stars
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Album missing important tracks
DavidN - November 10, 2018, at 1:14 p.m.
1 comment  (262 views)

Track Listings Icon
Total Time: 56:50
• 1. Storybook (1:22)
• 2. Goodbye, Farewell* - performed by cast (1:19)
• 3. Not Doing Nothing Anymore (2:49)
• 4. I Would Have Liked It to Go On for a While Longer (2:04)
• 5. Chapters (2:59)
• 6. Evelyn Goes It Alone (2:33)
• 7. Easy to Lose Your Way on a Foggy Day (2:40)
• 8. Through the Tree (1:25)
• 9. It's Not Stress, It's Pooh (1:28)
• 10. Train Station (2:28)
• 11. Sussex (1:12)
• 12. Returning to the Hundred Acre Wood (4:26)
• 13. Did You Let Me Go? (3:37)
• 14. Swimmer or Sinker (2:11)
• 15. Heffalump Battle (1:30)
• 16. Is It Christopher Robin? (1:54)
• 17. But I Found You, Didn't I? (2:35)
• 18. Madeline's Red Balloon (0:54)
• 19. Expotition to London (4:14)
• 20. Nothing Ever Bad Came from Bouncing (1:40)
• 21. A Father of Very Little Brain (3:34)
• 22. My Favorite Day (2:43)
• 23. I Do Nothing Every Day (2:57)
• 24. Busy Doing Nothing* - performed by Richard M. Sherman (0:45)
• 25. Christopher Robin* - performed by Richard M. Sherman (1:18)
* Composed by Richard M. Sherman

Notes Icon
The insert includes a list of performers but no extra information about the score or film.
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