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Score Composed, Songs Co-Composed, and Score Produced by:

Songs Co-Composed, Songs Co-Produced, and Score Co-Orchestrated by:
Germaine Franco

Score and Songs Conducted by:
Marshall Bowen

Score Co-Orchestrated by:
Jeff Kryka

Songs Co-Composed and Co-Produced by:
Kristin Anderson-Lopez
Robert Lopez
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Walt Disney Records
(November 10th, 2017)
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Regular commercial release. The download version contains more music than the CD and initially cost more. Specific Spanish-language products with different contents exist internationally.
Winner of an Academy Award for the song "Remember Me." That song was also nominated for a Golden Globe and a Grammy Award. The score was nominated for a Grammy Award.
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Buy it... if you're ready to reprogram the order of Coco's songs and score on album to recreate the film's narrative for one of the most engagingly heartfelt, ethnically spirited soundtracks in a long while.

Avoid it... if genuinely researched and expertly executed Mexican mariachi music is a recipe for insanity in your books, Michael Giacchino and Germaine Franco rarely straying from total ethnic saturation in this wild experience.
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WRITTEN 12/30/17
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Coco: (Michael Giacchino/Germaine Franco/Various) With so much derivative regurgitation and unoriginal ideas emanating from big studios, the 2017 animated movie Coco is an incredibly fresh and entertaining diversion. Like Moana, it beautifully explores a culture not rooted in traditional fables of anglo-royal heritage, offering a glimpse at a world not seen before in mainstream animation. It's a spectacular film that illuminates Mexican culture while exploring notions of belonging and acceptance within one's own family. The Disney/Pixar release lovingly conveys the Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead, careful to accurately depict the unique event and the mythos involved with the afterlife. An ill-advised attempt to name the film "Dia de los Muertos" was met with strong protests upon Disney's predictable motions to trademark that phrase, and the studio quickly acquiesced to name the film Coco after the matriarch of the family at its heart. Her great-grandson is the main character, the 12-year-old Miguel struggling to come to grips with a life in his family's shoemaking business when his instincts tell him to follow his passion for music, a career that ended tragically for Coco's father and has haunted the family ever since. The sheer enthusiasm of Miguel is the soul of Coco, and it is his journey that defines the music for the picture. While this movie is not technically a musical, per se, it may as well be. Several songs performed as source applications in the story contribute to a narrative supported in between by a score penned by Pixar veteran composer Michael Giacchino. Authenticity to Mexico in the music was one of the greatest concerns of the production, and to ensure that the score and songs adhered to proper cultural sensibilities, the filmmakers tasked Germaine Franco with researching the right instrumental and tonal sound over many months. Franco, aside from being a regular orchestrator for John Powell, is the first Latina to successfully ascend in Hollywood's composing world, and she eventually coined most of the songs heard in Coco, whether adapted from traditional sources of simply taking inspiration from them for new ones. She then served as an advisor and orchestrator for Giacchino, for whom the project was also a personal passion.

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Average: 3.48 Stars
***** 27 5 Stars
**** 42 4 Stars
*** 29 3 Stars
** 21 2 Stars
* 7 1 Stars
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Am I racist for not liking the Coco music?
ThomasPaine - January 7, 2018, at 9:01 a.m.
1 comment  (701 views)

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Disney CD Album Tracks   ▼Total Time: 72:07
• 1. Remember Me - Ernesto de la Cruz - performed by Benjamin Bratt (1:49)
• 2. Much Needed Advice - performed by Benjamin Bratt (1:46)
• 3. Everyone Knows Juanita - performed by Gael Garcia Bernal and Edward James Olmos (1:15)
• 4. Un Poco Loco - performed by Anthony Gonzalez and Gael Garcia Bernal (1:52)
• 5. Jalale - performed by Mexican Institute of Sound (2:55)
• 6. The World es Mi Familia - performed by Anthony Gonzalez (0:51)
• 7. Remember Me - Lullaby - performed by Gael Garcia Bernal and Various (1:10)
• 8. La Llorona - performed by Alanna Ubach and Benjamin Bratt (2:46)
• 9. Remember Me - Reunion - performed by Anthony Gonzalez and Ana Ofelia Murguia (1:14)
• 10. Proud Corazon - performed by Anthony Gonzalez (2:04)
• 11. Remember Me - Duo - performed by Miguel and Natalia Lafourcade (2:44)
• 12. Will He Shoemaker? (3:18)
• 13. Shrine and Dash (1:24)
• 14. Miguel's Got an Axe to Find (1:17)
• 15. The Strum of Destiny (1:10)
• 16. It's All Relative (2:38)
• 17. Crossing the Marigold Bridge (1:49)
• 18. Dept. of Family Reunions (2:44)
• 19. The Skeleton Key to Escape (3:04)
• 20. The Newbie Skeleton Walk (1:08)
• 21. Adios Chicharron (1:45)
• 22. Plaza de la Cruz (0:21)
• 23. Family Doubtings (2:24)
• 24. Taking Sides (0:56)
• 25. Fiesta Espectacular (0:56)
• 26. Fiesta Con de la Cruz (2:33)
• 27. I Have a Great Great Grandson (1:15)
• 28. A Blessing and a Fessing (4:45)
• 29. Somos Familia (2:21)
• 30. Reunion Familiar de Rivera (3:04)
• 31. A Family Dysfunction (2:00)
• 32. Grabbing a Photo Opportunity (1:47)
• 33. For Whom the Bell Tolls (2:02)
• 34. One Year Later (1:00)
• 35. Coco - Dia de los Muertos Suite (5:47)
Disney Download Album Tracks   ▼Total Time: 78:37

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The insert includes lyrics for all the songs and a list of performers but no extra information about the score or film.
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