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The Dark Crystal
Album Cover Art
2003 Numenorean
2007 La-La Land
Album 2 Cover Art
Co-Orchestrated, Composed, and Produced by:

Conducted by:
Marcus Dods

Performed by:

Co-Orchestrated by:
Peter Knight
John Coleman
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Numenorean Music
(April 29th, 2003)

La-La Land Records
(July 17th, 2007)
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The 2003 album is a limited release, with only 5,000 printed copies. It was only available through the label or soundtrack specialty outlets until it sold out within a year. The 2007 album is a regular U.S. release.
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Buy it... on either of its two album pressings of the 2000's if you appreciate only the most melodramatic and orchestrally romantic style of music that the 1980's fantasy genre has to offer.

Avoid it... on the 2003 collectible set if you do not require the complete film score (with additional source material and suspect edits) and would be satisfied by the 40-minute suite arrangement with superior sound that was re-issued on the 2007 album.
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WRITTEN 5/27/03, REVISED 11/24/08
The Dark Crystal: (Trevor Jones) Famous for his puppet and animatronic appeal to children, Jim Henson decided in 1980 to produce a feature length film aimed solely at adults. None of the offerings to come from Jim Henson has achieved a cult status greater than that of The Dark Crystal, a tale of innocent Gelfling creatures who, with the assistance of benevolent Mystics, must battle evil Skeksis rulers and their henchmen to restore the famed crystal that binds their destinies together. While the story may not seem wildly original by today's standards, there were several aspects of The Dark Crystal that made it stand out as a superior effort when compared to similar projects at the time. First, the puppet effects, while obviously lacking compared to computerized wizardry today, were surprisingly convincing. Second, the film had a distinctly dark and frightening style about even its brighter and more heroic parts that solidified it as solid entertainment for older viewers. Third, its score by Trevor Jones is a classic in the genre of animated features. Long before becoming famous for his brassy fanfares in such modern favorites as Last of the Mohicans and Cliffhanger, Jones was a regular composer for the Jim Henson productions of the 1980's. His initial reaction to the concept of The Dark Crystal was to write music that was as instrumentally and harmonically challenging to the senses as the visuals (and for film score collectors, shades of Alex North's somewhat controversial score for Dragonslayer come to mind). When Jones sat down with film producer Gary Kurtz long before photography commenced, though, he recognized that the animated film genre had reached the point where the stories and imagery on the screen were so foreign to the eye that the music needed to be rooted in an orchestral tradition that audiences could relate to. Interestingly, Don Bluth and Jerry Goldsmith would be making same realization at exactly the same time for The Secret of N.I.M.H. Thus, a successful style of lush orchestral romanticism was adopted industry-wide as the acceptable standard for modern animation music, an important beginning to a trend that continued many decades later.

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Average: 4.06 Stars
***** 588 5 Stars
**** 235 4 Stars
*** 146 3 Stars
** 71 2 Stars
* 77 1 Stars
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New reissue of The Dark Crystal?
William Bard - July 9, 2017, at 9:16 p.m.
1 comment  (275 views)
La-La Land Release going OOP
Chris_FSB25 - May 27, 2012, at 1:40 a.m.
1 comment  (881 views)
The Dark Crystal - 25th Anniversary Edition Soundtrack
Frank - June 9, 2007, at 3:47 p.m.
1 comment  (2426 views)
I wish
Musically Intoxicating - February 14, 2007, at 8:53 p.m.
1 comment  (1802 views)
please share score!!   Expand >>
joel - September 30, 2004, at 12:33 p.m.
5 comments  (4244 views)
Newest: April 11, 2007, at 4:11 p.m. by
Flits3 - August 23, 2004, at 3:58 a.m.
1 comment  (2034 views)

Track Listings Icon
Audio Samples   ▼
2003 Album Tracks   ▼Total Time: 112:05
Disc 1 (The Original Album): (40:32)

• 1. The Dark Crystal Overture (3:11)
• 2. The Power Ceremony (3:57)
• 3. The Storm (1:03)
• 4. The Mystical Master Dies (0:51)
• 5. The Funerals/Jen's Journey (5:25)
• 6. The Skeksis' Funeral (2:42)
• 7. The Pod Dance (3:14)
• 8. Love Theme (3:17)
• 9. Gelfling Song (2:22)
• 10. The Gelfling Ruins (2:43)
• 11. The Landstrider Journey (0:44)
• 12. The Great Conjunction (4:13)
• 13. Finale (7:14)

Disc 2 (The Complete Film Score): (71:33)

• 1. Opening Titles and Main Theme /Mystic's Sandpainting (4:54)
• 2. Jen Plays his Pipes (0:54)
• 3. Jen Goes to his Dying Master (0:39)
• 4. The Death of the Emperor/Death of the Mystic Master Mystics Memorial Ceremony/Jen's Journey Through the New World (3:18)
• 5. Skeksis Debate Leadership/Skeksis Duel (Film Version) (3:10)
• 6. Chamberlain is Attacked (1:20)
• 7. Skeksis Summoned by Alarm (0:50)
• 8. Garthim are Dispatched/Jen on Aughra's Mountain (2:29)
• 9. Jen Enters Aughra's Observatory (1:21)
• 10. Jen Discovers Shard (0:22)
• 11. Observatory Destroyed/Mystics Set Out (2:28)
• 12. Gelflings Meet/Dreamfast (2:11)
• 13. Skeksis Feast - Part One (2:27)
• 14. Skeksis Feast - Part Two (0:30)
• 15. Batbirds Dispatched/Environmental Musical Sounds Gelfling Song/Batbird Brought Down/Mystics Travelling #1 (2:25)
• 16. Pod Party/Destruction of Pod Village (4:10)
• 17. Jen and Kira Love Theme (1:36)
• 18. The Prophecy in Ruins (2:09)
• 19. Escape from Chamberlain/Kira Summons the Landstriders (1:47)
• 20. Jen and Kira Set Off on Landstriders/Pod Person Drained (2:37)
• 21. The Battle/Mystics Travelling #2 (4:20)
• 22. Jen and Kira in the Sewer (1:43)
• 23. Kira Brought Before the Skeksis (0:57)
• 24. Kira Drained in the Chamber of Life (1:12)
• 25. Kira Free/Jen Goes in Search/Mystic Disintegrates Mystic Travelling #3 (1:08)
• 26. Jen Trapped in Lair/Jen Reaches Chamber of Life (0:26)
• 27. Jen Discovers Crystal Chamber (3:40)
• 28. Gelfling Frightens the Skeksis/The Crystal Made Whole/Mystics and Skeksis/Fuse/Finale/End Credits (16:10)
2007 Album Tracks   ▼Total Time: 40:29

Notes Icon
The inserts for both albums include extensive information about the film, score, and composer, as well as a list of performers.
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