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Patrick Doyle
Born in Scotland in 1953, Patrick Doyle graduated from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in 1974 where he studied piano and singing. His first music score was written in 1978, and subsequently, he has written the music for a host of radio, television, theatre and film productions.

In 1987, Doyle joined the Renaissance Theatre Company as composer and musical director. He has since composed music for their productions of "Hamlet", "As You Like It", and "Much Ado About Nothing" for directors Derek Jacobi, Geraldine McEwan and Judi Dench. Doyle later worked with director Judi Dench on both the theatre and television productions of "Look Back in Anger" and then completed a world tour with the Renaissance Theatre Company, for which he was both composer and musical director for the company's productions of "King Lear" and "A Midsummer Night's Dream."

Director Kenneth Branagh commissioned Doyle to write the film score for the Renaissance Film Company production of Henry V. "Non Nobis Domine", from that film, was awarded the 1989 Ivor Novello Award for Best Film Theme. In 1990, HRH The Prince of Wales commissioned him to write "The Thistle and The Rose", a song cycle for full choir, in honour of the Queen Mother's 90th birthday. In 1991, Doyle wrote the score for the Paramount blockbuster Dead Again also directed by Branagh, and the score was nominated for a 1991 Golden Globe Award.

Doyle's 1994 score for Sense and Sensibility was nominated for a Golden Globe, an Oscar for 'Best Original Dramatic Score,' and a BAFTA nomination for 'Best Film Score.' In 1996, Hamlet, a four hour epic directed by Kenneth Branagh for Castle Rock, received an Oscar nomination. In 1997, Sony Classical commissioned him to write a piece of music to accompany a children's story entitled 'The Face In The Lake.' This piece was premiered in February this year at Carnegie Hall, New York, along with two other stories with music written by Wynton Marsalis & Edgar Meyer. Sony Classical released a CD of the music, narrated by Kate Winslet, together with a companion children's book published by Viking Press.

In November, 1997, Doyle was diagnosed with leukemia. Nonetheless, he completed his score for Great Expectations and continued to work on Quest for Camelot during treatment. By 1998, his career had returned to full swing.

Patrick Doyle at a reception in 1997

"I work very hard and I take it very seriously, and I'm a very committed composer and I get terribly involved in it and very passionate about it. I would hope that comes across."
-- Patrick Doyle in 1994

Patrick Doyle's collaboration with Kenneth Branagh and the Shakespearean community is well known, but many people don't realize how versitile Doyle's scoring talents are in other genres. From Disney's Shipwrecked to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Doyle has produced professional orchestral scores for a variety of films. In the latter half of the 1990's, he has utilized a combination of synthesizers, chorus, and solo vocals, along with a traditional orchestra. A native of Great Britain, Doyle has working relationships and friendships with dozens of talented British directors and actors.

To the sorrow of many film music fans, Doyle fell ill in November, 1997, and was diagnosed with leukemia. He received treatment for his condition, and, much to our delight, resumed a highly productive career. His high style of classical composition and experience as an actor makes him a very knowledgable artist. He has appeared (and sung) in numerous films, and is always seeking to lend his diverse skills to more projects. The original themes he both composes and performs vocals for can be heard on the albums for Henry V and Much Ado About Nothing.

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 Title FRVRVT CTRD TR DatesNotes
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit***2.811241||1,45403/14
Enchanted Kingdom 3D
Brave (AW)****3.204904|||73106/12
Sir Billi
Rise of the Planet of the Apes****3.4364010||||91308/11
La Ligne Droite*****3.662021||||1,43907/11
Main Street
Nim's Island***3.072893||1,04004/08
The Last Legion****2.991032||1,68608/11
Have Mercy on Us All
Eragon****3.4370613||85212/06 - 01/07
As You Like It
Jekyll + Hyde
Sir Billi the Vet
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire****3.384,070306|||15111/05
Nanny McPhee****2.941020||1,66308/11
Man to Man****3.161023||1,71901/12limited
Calendar Girls***3.325581||42301/04 - 03/09multiple albums
Secondhand Lions****3.537966||55411/03 - 03/09
The Galindez File
Killing Me Softly****3.141122|||1,64407/11limited
Gosford Park***3.321,0703||52601/02 - 02/09
Bridget Jones' Diary***
Blow Dry***
Love's Labour's Lost****3.801,9391||88605/00 - 07/08
East-West****3.801,3163||76803/00 - 06/08
Quest for Camelot (co-wrote) (AW)****3.474111||||52908/03 - 04/09multiple albums
Great Expectations****3.842,8462||21901/98 - 03/08
Donnie Brasco***
Hamlet (AW)***3.295334||32501/97 - 11/11
Mrs. Winterbourne
A Little Princess
Sense and Sensibility (AW)****3.405215||29402/97 - 09/11
Une femme francaise
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein****3.391584||1,51707/10
Exit to Eden
Carlito's Way
Much Ado About Nothing****3.931,4890|34007/98 - 09/06
Needful Things***
Into the West***
Indochine****3.835373||1,04807/03 - 04/09
Dead Again***
Shipwrecked***3.081450||75503/98 - 11/11
Henry V (AW)****3.605653|||28307/98 - 09/11
Look Back in Anger (TV)
Twelfth Night, or What You Will
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