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Comments about the soundtrack for Inception (Hans Zimmer)

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Re: Hey Zimmer fanboy
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• Posted by: Nic   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Wednesday, July 28, 2010, at 1:52 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Hey Zimmer fanboy (Kern)

Tell us how you really feel.

> Three problems with your post...

> 1: The person at this site you want to get the attention of is the editor,
> not a webmaster.

Forgive me. I should have said "the guy who writes the reviews." Clearly I am but a poor, ignorant peasant among kings such as yourself.

> 2: Neither the editor nor most of the visitors to this site
> "hate" Zimmer. It's not like they sit around wanting him and his
> family to get ill. Filmtracks gave the score in context a 3 star rating,
> hardly showing "hate" for Zimmer or his score.

The term "haters" has become something of a figure of speech in this year of our lord, 2010. You see, when people use the term "haters" they don't mean it literally. The word itself can be swapped for "naysayers" or "those ruining your fun." I'm rather impressed at your leap of logic, and know now not to use idiomatic expressions, slang, or any variation thereof. You are a literal-minded person, and I respect that. But then your subject title confuses me, as I am a girl, and so "fanboy" does not apply. I wonder how you missed that. A hasty assumption, most likely, similar to the "sit around and wish his family ill" comment.

> 3: What you linked to is proof of what happens in scores all the time.
> Their speed of playback is manipulated to match source music and screen
> action. It doesn't make anything revolutionary, clever, or even
> intentionally intelligent.

This is a very fascinating claim you make. Do you mean to say that scores take source material and manipulate the playback of it and use that altered sound as the jumping off point for their entire composition? Not only that - but the mere slowing down of the source material is relevant to the film, as time itself plays a key role in the film? This happens "all the time?" What such other composers have used this technique, and for which films? There must be piles of scores that do this, for you to claim it happens all the time. I said nothing in my original post, I hoped the link would speak for itself - to suggest that maybe it's not as simple as the editor (thanks for the tip!) claims it is. That, although the editor is clearly sick of Zimmer (I personally stopped coming to this page years ago after realizing the buy it/avoid it sections were so utterly skewed to his own opinions and made me feel bad if I disagreed), perhaps there is more to Inception than just lazily throwing a pair of notes together and calling it a day.

> Inception is still a boring score and outside of the Zimmer apologists who
> call him the second coming of Christ, everyone else in the majority thinks
> its fine but nothing special.

Second coming of Christ seems a bit of a stretch - do people really say that? Who's said that? Ah - I think perhaps you've caught on to this figure of speech thing. Well done, king of kings. I'm assuming you must be royalty of some sort so speak for "everyone else in the majority." I have read many reviews of the score, all positive. It was the magnitude of praise the film and score received that brought me back to this site, knowing it would get bashed. I see things still haven't changed around here. Clearly, your highness, you do not have the pulse of the majority you once had.

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