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Comments about the soundtrack for Spider-Man (Danny Elfman)

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Re: This is the worst film iv ever seen in my life!
• Posted by: Danny   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Saturday, February 24, 2007, at 11:33 a.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: This is the worst film iv ever seen in my life... (Acehit)

> This is most definately the worst film i have ever set eyes on!

> right are u all ready for this, here goes!

> 1. Danny Elfman was the wrong choice to do the score for this film, the
> music wasnt too far from Batman, is it just me or did the music sound ever
> so similar!
> They should've got John Williams, he wouldve digged it.

> 2. Casting is the worst casting iv ever seen. Toby Maguire is spiderman? i
> dont think so! he was way too boyish and geeky, and above everything else
> he was a lousy actor, especially in the emotional and love scenes he
> sucked. Oh and i think his too young as well, and his hair wasnt right, oh
> and his abit short.
> Kirsten Dunst wasnt right either, this is a big budget film, huge
> expectations, i dont think she was attractive enough, you want a higher
> ranked actress who could also act abit better. Willem Defoe? Now that
> really takes the piss! for starters his too old, you want someone young
> and athletic, acting wasnt a problem here but the script destroyed him.
> Moving onto Johnson the newspaper boss, ok good lookalike but why did he
> act so overboard! i knw his supposed to be overcrazed but it got way too
> camp and you couldnt take him seriously.

> 3. The special effects sucked, it didnt luk real point black! At one point
> it gt so ridiculous that when spiderman was speaking, the mouth didnt move
> now whats that all about,just goes to show they didnt take it seriously
> after all. Why didnt they have a stuntman in a spiderman costume swinging
> from a crane or something, think how real it would've looked! im sure if
> they put there minds to it, they could've made it work

> 4. The Dialogue was not right, script was lousy and the story was too
> camp! ok the film is directed to kids, fair enough but it wasnt good
> enough.

> Look at films like Superman and Batman, there both epics! Superman remains
> in my book as the greatest superhero adaptation of alltime. why didnt the
> makers of spiderman learn from these films. Even the original incredible
> hulk had great cinematic elements, this film could've been so much better!

> Thank you.


Are u fu^$$king sirios?! That movie was awesome!

1. The Score was awesome! Great sound for emotional scenes and action scenes!

2. The acting was great! Well it was o.k. THe scene with Peter taking pix of M.J was a bit ghetto! The poses MJ took were kinda gay looking and the Goblin's dialouge were alright.

3. The script was fine and well done!

4. And fourth peter was being picked on like a dork and he did try his best to play his role!

5. THe Special Effects were great! What the fu&^k were you talking about! They can't put another actor on a crane and move him through the city you dumbass! They put him on a crane in the studio behind a green screen!

6. Sam Raimi was a fan since he was a kid and I don't think he would of made his favorite hero look like [bleep!] on screen! The movie followed by Spiderman 2 was great!

7. The movie got four stars and [bleep!] like that!

8. So don't say the movie sucked!

9. If u don't like it than don't see it ever again!


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