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Filmtracks has another new staff member!
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• Posted by: Christian Clemmensen   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Friday, August 6, 2010, at 12:20 p.m.
• IP Address:

When everyone tells you that the arrival of your second child will be easier than the first, ask them what sleeping pills they use! Indeed, despite a reprise of the exhaustion from our first boy's arrival, everything went surprisingly smoothly with the birth of Sjoren Clemmensen, the newest member of the Clemmensen family and Filmtracks staff. The "Sj" in Sjoren is pronounced like the "J" in Jacques or Jean Luc (or the "Zh" in Zhivago). He was born via a scheduled Cesarean section on the morning of August 3rd, and both he and his mother are healthy and in good spirits.

Community Medical Center in Missoula offers a site where you can view a picture and basic information about the birth. Feel free to visit and sign Sjoren's guestbook:

For those of you who like to compare siblings at birth, you can still visit Community's page for our older son, Caelen:

Also, my announcement of Caelen's birth at Filmtracks is still available as well:

In the department of coincidences, both boys were born at 7:57 in the morning in the same operating room, and out of the dozens of private recovery rooms available at the hospital, Stella and Sjoren were coincidentally assigned the same one that she and Caelen used in 2007. The two boys also look similar, of course, though Sjoren has the darker skin and hair color of his mother. Considering that Caelen has turned into a clone of his father, that's a good thing!

We haven't had a chance to introduce Sjoren to some film music yet, though Caelen and I have been enjoying a replay of the Goldsmith/Varese marathon on XM's Cinemagic station in the car during the many trips between home and the hospital. While he grooved to the themes to Breakheart Pass and Wild Rovers, the eruption of Gremlins caused extreme sounds of dissatisfaction from the 3-year-old.

As for the schedule of content at Filmtracks, expect to continue seeing fresh reviews (written in June and July) debuting in the On Cue section. I plan to return to my normal reviewing schedule next week, starting with a handful of updates to existing coverage to account for new releases. I was in the operating and recovery rooms with Stella during the entirety of the availability of Intrada's new Predator release, and you can expect more to be said about that frustrating topic in the coming days.


Update: Two pics of Stella and Sjoren (four weeks after birth)

Stella and Sjoren

Stella and Sjoren 2

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