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The Black Hole
Album Cover Art
1999 Bootleg
2007 Buena Vista
Album 2 Cover Art
2011 Disney
Album 3 Cover Art
Composed and Conducted by:

2011 Album Produced by:
Randy Thornton
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Buena Vista Records

Walt Disney Records/
Intrada Records
(August 22nd, 2011)
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The CD bootlegs that began circulating in the secondary market in 1999 were copied from the original LP record. The 2007 Disney album contained the same music and is a digital download release only. The 2011 expanded Disney/Intrada "Special Edition" CD initially sold for $20 and is limited to 10,000 copies.
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Buy it... on the 2011 CD album if you, like most film score collectors, have long considered this memorable John Barry score to be one of the unreleased holy grails of this genre of music.

Avoid it... if you expect the decades of hype surrounding this music, mostly caused by its absence on CD, to mean that Barry leaves his comfort zone for what amounts to an entertaining but highly derivative and arguably underachieving score.
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WRITTEN 9/7/11
The Black Hole: (John Barry) Spawned from the dying days of the epic disaster flicks of the 1970's, the Walt Disney production The Black Hole was delayed long enough to be alternately associated with the space opera craze created by Star Wars. By the time The Black Hole debuted in 1979, it represented more than half a decade of work by the studio, which aimed not only to explore the "Tomorrowland" style of interests often forgotten about Disney himself, but also branch out into PG-rated territory with special effect-laden fantasy on a grand scale. Using the top effects techniques of the era, the film drew a fair amount of its plotline's inspiration from 2001: A Space Odyssey and was itself seemingly influential in guiding the horror misfire Event Horizon a few decades later. A probe vessel with human scientists from Earth discovers an older and massive exploration ship ominously adrift at the edge of a black hole. They investigate and find its captain and an army of robots manning the ship in preparation for entering the black hole. Not surprisingly, secrets about the larger ship and its mysterious captain are revealed, and the few survivors of the encounter ultimately make the journey through the hole against their will. The religious aspect of the film's intentionally ambiguous ending has always stirred a fair amount of controversy. While the technical elements of The Black Hole garnered significant praise at the time, including two Academy Award nominations, everything else about it earned only moderately enthusiastic responses, the critics split and box office earnings recouping the massive $26 million investment but not much more. A certain fondness of this arguable misfire has lingered through the years, the idea of a remake a lasting topic of conversation in the 2000's. Another source of extended interest in The Black Hole involves its rather unusual score by John Barry. The composer had reached the top of his career in the 1970's; his blend of James Bond coolness, historical epic grandeur, and pop culture flair on a smaller scale was about to develop into a whimsically romantic, melodramatic sound that defined the rest of his career and earned him one final round of mainstream recognition in the late 1980's and early 1990's. The composer's stubborn adherence to certain compositional techniques during this period began emerging with clarity in the late 1970's, not surprisingly reflecting his generic extension of the romantic style in his outer space, laser fight-associated scores for Moonraker and The Black Hole.

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Average: 3.39 Stars
***** 48 5 Stars
**** 43 4 Stars
*** 38 3 Stars
** 25 2 Stars
* 22 1 Stars
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Barry being Barry
Rick R - September 22, 2011, at 7:39 a.m.
1 comment  (1169 views)

Track Listings Icon
Audio Samples   ▼
1999 Bootlegs Tracks   ▼Total Time: 77:07
The Black Hole:
• 1. Overture (2:26)
• 2. Main Title (1:44)
• 3. The Door Opens (3:35)
• 4. Zero Gravity (5:43)
• 5. Six Robots (1:56)
• 6. Durant is Dead (2:29)
• 7. Start the Countdown (3:45)
• 8. Laser (2:13)
• 9. Into the Hole (4:52)
• 10. End Title (2:31)
• 11. Suite (9:54)
Howard the Duck:
• 12. Lullaby of Duckland (2:24)
• 13. Journey to Earth (2:41)
• 14. You're the Duckiest (2:06)
• 15. Ultralight Flight (2:59)
• 16. Beddy-Bye For Howard (2:41)
• 17. Dark Overlord (5:26)

• 18. Bonus Track: Star Crash (7:19)
• 19. Bonus Track: You Only Live Twice (4:15)
• 20. Bonus Track: Moonraker (6:08)
2007 Buena Vista Album Tracks   ▼Total Time: 33:44
2011 Disney Album Tracks   ▼Total Time: 54:50

Notes Icon
There exists no formal packaging for the 1999 bootlegs or the 2007 download offering. The 2011 Disney/Intrada album contains extensive information about the score and film, as well as technical notes about the recording and photography from the sessions.
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