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Earth: Final Conflict
Album Cover Art
Composed, Arranged, and Co-Produced by:
Micky Erbe
Maribeth Solomon

Co-Produced by:
Ford A. Thaxton
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Sonic Images Records
(February 29th, 2000)
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The album was a limited U.S. release for the first 90 days, available through only the label's site (and select soundtrack specialty outlets). The full retail release followed after that time, but the product fell completely out of print within just a few years and could eventually fetch prices at $50 or above.
Nominated for an Emmy Award.
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Buy it... if you were a fan of the show and seek a competent and surprisingly relaxing survey of music from its first three seasons.

Avoid it... if you expect these new age-styled episodic scores to sound anything remotely like the standard, dramatic science fiction television music of the era.
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WRITTEN 2/20/00, REVISED 6/30/08
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Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict: (Micky Erbe/Maribeth Solomon) The last of Gene Roddenberry's original science fiction concepts was adapted to the small screen in 1997, when Earth: Final Conflict proposed how humans would react to a permanent and supposedly friendly visit by an alien civilization. While initially seeming benevolent, the highly advanced people of the planet Taleon arouse suspicions with some on Earth, and the bulk of the series portrays how humanity (and a few truly in the know) deals with the arrival. The series ran for 110 episodes from 1997 to 2002, spiraling downward in popularity by its fifth season and eventually being cancelled without any satisfying conclusion to its storyline. During that run, Earth: Final Conflict never received much praise outside of its loyal fanbase, though much of the awards-related attention earned by the series came because of its music by the Toronto-based husband and wife composing team of Micky Erbe and Maribeth Solomon. While they had written music together for numerous lesser film and television projects through the years, Earth: Final Conflict was their consistent responsibility for five years and theirs alone. Their work garnered them an Emmy nomination in 1998 for their title theme, and they won a deserved Gemini award the same year for the score for the episode "The Secret of Strandhill." Their approach to each episode of Earth: Final Conflict often differed due to the wide variety of needs of each storyline. Because the location of show traveled all over the world (and into space), different or unique ethnic material was required much of the time. The stylistic base of the music stayed the same, however. Erbe and Solomon used their synthesizers to produce the majority of sound heard in each cue of every episode, but they would add solo accents performed organically to episodes that needed additional stylistic character. The overall effect of their efforts is a general soundtrack that often sounded very little like other contemporary science fiction scores, on television or otherwise.

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Average: 3.46 Stars
***** 243 5 Stars
**** 191 4 Stars
*** 143 3 Stars
** 108 2 Stars
* 103 1 Stars
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Ahmose - September 13, 2010, at 3:42 p.m.
1 comment  (962 views)
Highly emotional music
Sheridan - August 26, 2006, at 2:07 a.m.
1 comment  (2388 views)

Track Listings Icon
Audio Samples   ▼
Total Time: 58:01
• 1. Main Title (0:53)
• 2. The Secret of Strandhill/Redemption (5:50)
• 3. Old Flame (1:27)
• 4. Defector (3:59)
• 5. Decision (1:27)
• 6. Float Like a Butterfly (0:55)
• 7. Sandoval's Run (2:02)
• 8. Bliss (2:24)
• 9. If You Could Read My Mind (1:42)
• 10. Lilli (1:53)
• 11. Law and Order (2:11)
• 12. Atavus (2:00)
• 13. Between Heaven and Hell (0:57)
• 14. Sleepers (2:57)
• 15. Dimensions (2:23)
• 16. Moonscape (4:34)
• 17. Isabel (0:55)
• 18. The Gauntlet (1:24)
• 19. Second Chances (4:45)
• 20. One Man's Castle (1:22)
• 21. Payback (1:35)
• 22. Truth (4:16)
• 23. Deja Vu (0:54)
• 24. Crossfire (3:08)
• 25. Volunteers/End Credits (1:54)

Notes Icon
The album includes extensive notes about both the show and its music, including the following comments by Majel Barrett Roddenberry:

    "The initial premise of Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict was to create a not-too-distant future and a world where humans had been visited by an enigmatic extraterrestrial race; one with a hidden, perhaps sinister, agenda. Unlike Gene's previous creations dealing with the exploration of outer space by people from the Earth, this new series would explore our own planet and the social, political and emotional ramifications of contact with an advanced alien culture.

    The task of scoring an ongoing program such as this is no small feat. The scope of the series is such that one episode might take place in an industrialized American city, while the following week's adventure concentrates on a rural European village. Maribeth, Micky and their assembly of talented musicians have captured the essence of this global drama, and have created a sound that is alternatively as exciting and intriguing as the concept itself.

    It is a great pleasure to bring to you this compilation of music from Earth: Final Conflict. I think Gene would have been happy with what they have accomplished."

Featured Musicians:
    • Keyboards: Ray Parker, Donald Quan, Tom Szczesniak, Lou Pomanti
    • Programming: Micky Erbe, Ray Parker, Donald Quan
    • Solo Vocalist: Leah Erbe
    • Erhu: George Gao
    • Violin: Lenny Solomon
    • Flutes: Ron Korb, Ernie Tollar
    • EWI, Saxophone: John Johnson
    • Oboe: Cynthia Staljes
    • Trumpet: Robert Venables
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