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Album Cover Art
Composed and Produced by:
Guy Gross

Album Coordinated and Produced by:
Ford A. Thaxton
Mark Banning
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GNP Crescendo Records
(November 14th, 2000)
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Regular U.S. release, but out of print as of 2005.
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Buy it... only if you consider yourself a die-hard fan of the show, because this product offers a very fragmented overview of the less interesting music from its first two seasons.

Avoid it... if you expect any sense of cohesion or adherence to traditional norms of television science fiction scoring.
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WRITTEN 12/10/00, REVISED 9/29/08
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Farscape: (SubVision/Guy Gross) For the Sci-Fi Channel, the Jim Henson production of "Farscape" proved to be a popular series in demand during its four seasons in the late 1990's and early 2000's. Along with many of the concurrent sci-fi series on television at the time, "Farscape" was a darker, more seductive, and morbid edge on the previous "Star Trek"-dominated genre. One area in which the two franchises differed completely, at least at the start, was their music. Through its unceremonious end on television later in the 2000's, the "Star Trek" franchise always budgeted the funding to score all of its episodes with a moderately-sized orchestra. Conversely, series such as "Farscape" had to rely on the performing talents of just a few individuals who had to use mostly synthetic elements to fill the soundscape. And just like the more ambitious stories and characters of the series, the music for "Farscape" takes a more contemporary and electronically imaginative approach to its attitude and purpose. Appealing to a younger generation of sci-fi fans, "Farscape"'s theme and underscore continues to edge more towards new age, alternative, and electronica realms rather than the commonly established methods of scoring such shows in the past. Whether or not that approach to scoring the genre appeals to you likely depends heavily on your appreciation of each individual show. Many traditional "Star Trek" fans took a while to grow accustomed to Christopher Franke's modern application of synthesizers in the cable series "Babylon 5," and the trend towards even smaller budget television scores continued to lead to more and more bizarre results. The title theme for "Farscape" defied the traditional majesty of space-inspired themes and instead opted for the alternative rock genre, with a singular, repeating alternation of chords performed by keyboards (and probably guitars) highlighted by various electronica vocals that have been mixed to their tonal extremes. As for many of these scores, mixing is really the key when you're confined to so few resources with which to create an adequate volume of sound. In these regards, the difference between the first and second seasons of music for "Farscape" is not only noticeable, but represents a significant change in attitude for the show.

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Average: 2.8 Stars
***** 133 5 Stars
**** 69 4 Stars
*** 157 3 Stars
** 184 2 Stars
* 143 1 Stars
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Audio Samples   ▼
Total Time: 69:23
Season One: (SubVision)

• 1. Theme from Farscape (2:04)

• 2. Wormhole! (5:18)

Back and Back and Back to the Future:
• 3. Time Trouble (3:07)

Thank God It's Friday, Again:
• 4. Tannot Grooves (3:02)
• 5. Fields of Joy (2:47)

PK Tech Girl:
• 6. Goodbye (4:01)

That Old Black Magic:
• 7. Maldis (3:32)

DNA Mad Scientist:
• 8. Namtar's Magic (3:45)

Rhapsody in Blue:
• 9. Delvian Dreams (3:32)

Jeremiah Crichton:
• 10. Trouble in Paradise (4:56)

Family Ties:
• 11. Parting Comrades (3:28)
Season Two: (Guy Gross)

The Way We Weren't:
• 12. Pilot Arrives (1:31)
• 13. Aeryn And Velorek (2:43)
• 14. Peace Keeping (3:28)

Home on the Remains:
• 15. The Nogelti Crystal (2:14)
• 16. Romance (2:12)

Look at the Princess Part III: The Maltese Crichton:
• 17. Crichton's Daughter (2:34)

My Three Crichtons:
• 18. Crichton x3 (1:24)
• 19. Goodbye Caveman (2:46)

Beware of Dog:
• 20. Vorc Arrives (2:54)
• 21. Parasite Hunting (5:02)

Look at the Princess Part II: I Do, I Think:
• 22. Crichton's Wedding (1:30)

• 23. Theme from Farscape - Reprise (0:48)

Notes Icon
The insert notes contain extensive information about the series and its music, including the following comment by Guy Gross:

    "'Farscape' is a composer's dream come true. It calls for a musical feast from the sublime to the ridiculous. A typical 'Farscape' episode contains sequences from the wonderfully bombastic to the subtlety intimate and everything in between. In the "uncharted territories" there's no such thing as too much - in either musical direction.

    Classically trained, I'm best known for my orchestral approach to film scoring albeit often created with samplers. My writing approach is very much dialogue driven. I really enjoy weaving in and around the ups and downs of the spoken word. And as the performances are so great it's a wonderful source of inspiration. I'm also not afraid to call upon the classic genre of science fiction scoring. I find when I deviate too far from the "expected" it draws the viewers attention away from the story telling which must be paramount in everybody's contribution to the film.

    I first got involved in 'Farscape' when I scored the original 3-minute U.S. trailer. The producers asked me to join the team a few episodes into the second series and I've been loving it ever since. I hope the fans enjoy my contribution and allow it to draw them into the uncharted world of 'Farscape'."

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