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Land of the Lost
Album Cover Art
Composed, Co-Orchestrated, and Produced by:

Co-Orchestrated and Conducted by:
Tim Simonec

Co-Orchestrated by:
Jack J. Hayes
Larry Kenton
Chad Seiter
Andrea Datzman
Peter Boyer
Brad Dechter
Mark Gasbarro
Cameron Patrick

Performed by:
The Hollywood Studio Symphony
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Varèse Sarabande
(June 23rd, 2009)
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Regular U.S. release.
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Buy it... if and only if you appreciated the unconventional merging of timeless musical elements as heard in the context of the film, because on album this score suffers from the same completely aimless personality as the rest of the production.

Avoid it... if the existence of an intelligent blend of instruments from several genres and eras isn't alone enough to constitute a worthy score without the assistance of any memorable underlying development.
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WRITTEN 6/29/09
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Land of the Lost: (Michael Giacchino) When studios are so bankrupt of new ideas that they have to resurrect the laughable 1970's television disaster "Land of the Lost," you know that universe is indeed not quite right. What compelled Universal to allow this 2009 adaptation to happen? Was it some notion of the potential for excellence in the production? Was it the hefty budget for special effects? Was it simply Will Ferrell? The last question probably reveals the true answer, but even Farrell fans will find Brad Silberling's Land of the Lost to be too boring on the whole to justify its few marginal laughs. Despite the studio's aggressive advertising campaign for the film, critics quickly put the sorry product in its proper place with a universal lashing worthy of trashy independent films that require drug use in order to appreciate. The problem with Land of the Lost is, simply put, that the material in the script is so poor that even Ferrell can't salvage it for comical purposes. Enthusiasts of the original series will see the main characters changed into sex symbols and ridiculous sidekicks, and while an honest attempt to pay homage to that crowd was made, there's simply no excuse for the kind of mangling of the concept that exists here. After his involvement with the similarly disastrous Speed Racer adaptation a year prior, perhaps it was no surprise that Michael Giacchino was involved in this nightmare. At least the still rising composer can point to his concurrent work for Star Trek and Up and receive deserved praise, because no significant accolades will likely be thrown his way for the score for Land of the Lost. It's another case in which a composer's campy cue titles (as seen on the album release of the score) can't inject enough humor into the music to make it even marginally entertaining. Giacchino's talent for creative instrumentation and thematic continuity are at play in Land of the Lost, but both are betrayed by a completely aimless overarching personality. The composer addresses the needs of each moment and, in the process of offering wacky ideas for each scene, the score loses focus on the whole. It's difficult to imagine how so many of the right basic ingredients can produce such an unremarkable and unmemorable score, but Giacchino has unfortunately managed to reflect the precise problem of the entire production. It's simply limp and unengaging.

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Average: 2.5 Stars
***** 25 5 Stars
**** 46 4 Stars
*** 65 3 Stars
** 76 2 Stars
* 83 1 Stars
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A fun score, if a bit too long
Roman - May 2, 2011, at 8:41 a.m.
1 comment  (858 views)
Is it me or do evangelists post mostly on GIacchino score reviews? *NM*
Richard Kleiner - March 24, 2010, at 11:16 a.m.
1 comment  (1174 views)
Reviewer: You are a sinner. Absolve yourself of your burden!   Expand >>
Kingdom of God - July 1, 2009, at 2:43 p.m.
4 comments  (2622 views)
Newest: December 16, 2009, at 10:16 a.m. by
Edmund Meinerts

Track Listings Icon
Audio Samples   ▼
Total Time: 60:37
• 1. Swamp and Circumstance (1:25)
• 2. The Lighter Side of Archaeology (1:03)
• 3. Food Coma for Thought (1:01)
• 4. A Routine Expedition (0:48)
• 5. The Greatest Earthquake Ever Known (3:12)
• 6. Matt Lauer Can Suck It (1:22)
• 7. Chaka Chasedown (0:43)
• 8. The Ones That Got Away (4:17)
• 9. Enik Calls for Marshall (1:16)
• 10. Sleestak Attack (2:01)
• 11. Enik the Altrusian (3:20)
• 12. The Cosmic Lost and Found (1:34)
• 13. When Piss on Your Head is a Bad Idea (3:54)
• 14. A New Marshall in Town (1:37)
• 15. Pterodactyl Ptemper Ptantrum (0:42)
• 16. The Crystal Cave (1:43)
• 17. In Search of... Holly (1:34)
• 18. Undercover Sleestak (2:18)
• 19. Never Trust a Dude in a Tunic (4:17)
• 20. If You Don't Make It, It's Your Own Damn Vault (2:40)
• 21. Holly Mad as Sin (0:50)
• 22. Sleestak Showdown (0:53)
• 23. Stakbusters (2:33)
• 24. Fight Fight Fight (1:27)
• 25. Crystal Clear (2:31)
• 26. Mystery Cave Reunion (1:22)
• 27. Ready and Will (1:36)
• 28. End Credits Can Suck It! (3:26)
• 29. Pop Goes the Sleestak (0:16)

Bonus Tracks:

• 30. A Routine Expedition (Version 1) (0:50)
• 31. The Devil's Canyon Mystery Cave (Version 1) (2:04)
• 32. Crystal Clear (Film Version) (2:19)

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