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Masters of the Universe
Album Cover Art
1987 Varèse
1992 Edel
Album 2 Cover Art
2008 La-La Land
Album 3 Cover Art
2012 Intrada
Album 4 Cover Art
2019 Notefornote
Album 5 Cover Art
Composed, Co-Orchestrated, and Produced by:
Bill Conti

Conducted by:
Harry Rabinowitz

Co-Orchestrated by:
William Kidd
Joel Rosenbaum
Ralph Ferraro

Performed by:
The Graunke Symphony Orchestra
Labels Icon
Varèse Sarabande

Edel Company (England)
(November 2nd, 1992)

La-La Land Records
(July 29th, 2008)

Intrada Records
(June 25th, 2012)

Notefornote Music (Limited)
(February 21st, 2019)

Notefornote Music (Standard)
(August 19, 2019)
Availability Icon
The 1987 Varèse Sarabande album was an early commercial CD release, but it fell out of print quickly. The 1992 expanded Edel album was released internationally but also became difficult to find (it sold for over $100 on the secondary market).

The 2008 La-La Land edition was limited to 3,000 copies and sold out from the label within months. Although that product remained readily available in subsequent years on the secondary market, Intrada Records reissued the meaningful music from that presentation in unlimited form in 2012 for an original retail price of $20.

Notefornote Music released two separate CD albums for the score in 2019, as well as a vinyl option. The first, a 2-CD set, was limited to only 500 units, available for $20 at soundtrack specialty outlets. After selling out in three days, the label offered only the first CD in that set as a "Standard Edition." This, too, was limited to only 500 units and sold for $14 more widely.
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Buy it... if you enjoy the bravado of any ambitious, large-scale variation on Gustav Holst's "The Planets" and John Williams' similar adaptations of the era.

Avoid it... if you hold the music from the original television show true to your heart, for Bill Conti ignores its established themes and offers a hopelessly optimistic score that fails to adequately address the creative range of the concept.
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WRITTEN 3/15/97, REVISED 9/1/20
Masters of the Universe: (Bill Conti) When you think of people who might have had the Power of Greyskull in the mid-1980's, composer Bill Conti just isn't one of them. Then again, the same could be said of Menahem Golan and Yorum Globus of B-rated Cannon Films or first time director Gary Goddard, whose credits included the creation of Universal Studios' mythical kingdoms "Kong on the Loose" and "Conan." The fatal flaw of their 1987 flop Masters of the Universe was that lead actor Dolph Lungdren didn't seem to have that power either, perhaps forever sealing the fate of the franchise on the big screen. After four years on the small screen, "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" proved to be a formidable competitor to "Thundercats," "G.I. Joe," and "The Transformers," opening the doors through its toy line for those other concepts to flourish in similar fashion. Mattel's action figures were everywhere, and their legacy remained on the small screen through 2000, with various spin-off ideas maintaining the legend of Eternia well past a run of the original show that expanded to a hundred and thirty animated episodes. Warner Brothers decided three years after the cartoon's debut that the time was right to make a live-action film, but with only a budget of $17 million, some of the more exotic characters had to be jettisoned, and with money running out at the end of production, a final battle scene between He-Man and villain Skeletor was axed. (The story's ending therefore failed to make sense.) The film grossed well initially but only barely covered its production costs in the end, so a promised, already written sequel never materialized. The budget restrictions forced the filmmakers to necessitate that much of the story be shot on Earth rather than Eternia, and with Lungdren bumbling through his lines without any respect for the character of the original television series, more than a few people complained. Interestingly, the perverts of the world were disgruntled because many of the muscle-bound characters who were always showing thunder thighs or washboard abs in the cartoons were sadly over-clothed in the film.

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Average: 3.06 Stars
***** 85 5 Stars
**** 99 4 Stars
*** 105 3 Stars
** 89 2 Stars
* 76 1 Stars
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Are we talking about the same He-Man animated series?   Expand >>
Timothy - August 10, 2012, at 5:33 p.m.
2 comments  (1365 views)
Newest: February 10, 2021, at 6:43 a.m. by
a great score!   Expand >>
kharol - July 13, 2009, at 4:29 a.m.
2 comments  (2238 views)
Newest: August 10, 2012, at 3:55 p.m. by
Oscar G.
different opinion
Leto - September 19, 2006, at 3:04 a.m.
1 comment  (2855 views)
Original Theme
Scott - September 10, 2006, at 10:08 a.m.
1 comment  (2945 views)

Track Listings Icon
Audio Samples   ▼
1987 Varèse Sarabande Album Tracks   ▼Total Time: 42:58
• 1. Main Title/Eternia Besieged (7:25)
• 2. Gwildor's Quadrille (1:52)
• 3. Earthly Encounter (4:23)
• 4. Procession of the Mercenaries (2:49)
• 5. Evelyn's Deception (2:44)
• 6. Skeletor the Destroyer (3:10)
• 7. He-Man Enslaved (4:42)
• 8. Transformation of Skeletor (2:30)
• 9. The Power of Grayskull (3:33)
• 10. Good Journey (4:39)
• 11. He-Man Victorious/End Title (5:11)
1992 Edel Album Tracks   ▼Total Time: 68:53
2008 La-La Land Album Tracks   ▼Total Time: 119:25
2012 Intrada Album Tracks   ▼Total Time: 76:21
2019 Notefornote Albums Tracks   ▼Total Time: 118:00

Notes Icon
The 1987 album's packaging is sparse. The 1992 Edel album's insert includes a note about the score from Conti. The 2008 La-La Land, 2012 Intrada, and 2019 Notefornote albums contain extensive notation about both the film and score, the La-La Land's notes in the greatest depth.
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