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Nanny McPhee Returns
Album Cover Art
European Cover
American Cover
Album 2 Cover Art
Composed and Co-Produced by:

Additional Music by:
Chris Bacon
Stuart Michael Thomas

Co-Orchestrated and Conducted by:
Pete Anthony

Co-Orchestrated by:
Jon Kull
John Ashton Thomas
Marcus Trumpp
Rick Giovinazzo
Robert Litton
Jim Honeyman
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Varèse Sarabande
(European Album)
(March 30th, 2010)

Varèse Sarabande
(American Album)
(August 17th, 2010)
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The two albums are commercial American and European releases featuring identical musical contents but different cover art and track titles.
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Buy it... if your appreciation of James Newton Howard's generically playful children's mode is strong enough to forgive a wholeheartedly adequate but anonymous, passionless, and predictable entry in the genre.

Avoid it... if you expect any of Patrick Doyle's engagingly cohesive thematic identities from Nanny McPhee to survive for this comparatively procedural sequel.
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WRITTEN 8/17/11
Nanny McPhee Returns: (James Newton Howard) Not quite as successful as Emma Thompson's adaptation of Christianna Brand's "Nurse Matilda" books into 2005's surprisingly popular Nanny McPhee, the 2010 sequel still managed an impressive box office haul and friendly critical response. Known in North America as Nanny McPhee Returns and internationally as Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang, the movie follows a plotline of redemption similar to its predecessor. Now set at the time of World War II, the tale tells of an English mother of three whose husband is at war and also has to take care of two young cousins, all the while trying to fend off attempts by her brother-in-law to sell her portion of the family farm. As expected, Nanny McPhee mysteriously appears and immediately instills upon the children her sense of obedience through magical means. When a message arrives indicating that the children's father was killed in the war, the group sets out to London to seek confirmation, using McPhee's powers and connections to discover that it is a ploy. She rides off as usual in her transfigured form at the end, just as the family is reunited and no longer needs her services. One has to wonder what miracles she could work on the Congress of the United States if Thompson really wanted to spice things up with McPhee in the next planned sequel. Otherwise, the formula threatens to get old, and already lost in this first sequel is some of the magical appeal established by composer Patrick Doyle in the first film. Although Doyle relied heavily upon the influence of styles by Danny Elfman and James Horner, he translated that sound well through his own musical voice. Both instrumentally robust and thematically cohesive, Nanny McPhee is a score too dainty, predictable, and wholesome for some listeners, but it at least stands on a solid foundation that appeals to Doyle collectors and enthusiasts of those other composers' vintage works alike. Stepping into the franchise in 2010 is James Newton Howard, a veteran of children's scores from his association with Disney for several non-musical animated films a decade prior. The shift in composer is odd (especially after Thomas Newman left the project), because although a novice director was brought in to helm the 2010 follow-up, the same producers, writer, and studio coordinated the sequel at a time when Doyle had a relatively open schedule. Inevitably, however, Howard provided essentially a reboot score in the franchise, casting aside all three of Doyle's themes for Nanny McPhee and tackling the project from his own perspective. This decision led to a score that sounds, in its basic characteristics, vaguely like Doyle's original but fails to capture the same cohesive spirit or exude a memorable personality.

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Average: 3.05 Stars
***** 52 5 Stars
**** 44 4 Stars
*** 62 3 Stars
** 58 2 Stars
* 38 1 Stars
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Incorrect knowledge
Lee Allen - February 9, 2013, at 12:13 p.m.
1 comment  (729 views)

Track Listings Icon
Audio Samples   ▼
European Album Tracks   ▼Total Time: 59:07
• 1. Coping Very Well (1:27)
• 2. The Person You Need (2:07)
• 3. Topsey and Turvey (1:00)
• 4. The Cousins Arrive (0:50)
• 5. My Father's Jam (1:51)
• 6. Nanny Arrives (3:37)
• 7. Nanny Explains the Rules (2:02)
• 8. Self Punishing Spell (4:43)
• 9. Animal Parade (2:12)
• 10. Animals in Bed (2:05)
• 11. Pursuit of the Piglets (2:16)
• 12. Synchronized Snouts (0:53)
• 13. Celia Gets a Delivery (3:32)
• 14. Triumphant Trappers (4:03)
• 15. Phil's Contract (1:29)
• 16. Nanny McPhee We Need You (1:04)
• 17. The Telegram (1:57)
• 18. Speeding Through London (1:57)
• 19. Defusing the Bomb (4:46)
• 20. Defusing the Bomb, Part 2 (2:29)
• 21. The Burp Heard 'Round the World (1:51)
• 22. Miracle of the Harvest (2:05)
• 23. Homecoming (5:47)
• 24. End Credits (2:58)
American Album Tracks   ▼Total Time: 59:07

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