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Comments about the soundtrack for Mission: Impossible - Fallout (Lorne Balfe)

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Frisbee [EDITED]
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• Posted by: Z. Nitram
• Date: Saturday, October 27, 2018, at 1:36 p.m.
• IP Address:
Message Edited: Sunday, October 28, 2018, at 7:50 a.m.

I should really should read the review first instead of just looking at the star rating, which I won't hate on.

But I honestly got nothing out of the score in theaters. It was just there, never enhancing a single moment. There's a lot of running in Fallout; god, I love Tom Cruise. One would THINK this would be fertile territory for Balfe to show that he can do 'propulsion' scoring really well (granted, we all kind of expected an RC edge). And he can't even do that right. The music merely accompanies the movie without going for that extra step of giving the film so much as a boost of any kind where it could have existed. Fallout has a long score of nothing that ultimately does nothing. Scratch that, it doesn't do nothing entirely. When Balfe isn't engaging my ears (which is all the time), he's writing awful, awful rips from Zimmer's catalog that never fit.

I 'joked' on Twitter: it's not every day you get to see Superman with Zimmer's Dark Knight in the background.
And I had to put quotation marks around joke because that's what you end up getting.

And, personally, just to clarify, I don't really care if a score is original or not. Horner took pages left and right throughout his career and, if it's a score I like a lot, I won't say anything bad. But the difference is that Horner--taking into account how often he recycled and all that--scored the movie that was in front of him. Balfe rehashes from the RC library and does a really shitty job at conforming that sound and that style to this particular film. I think this line from CC's ASM2 review applies here so much: 'In other words, yet another [movie] comes to [Balfe] rather than [Balfe] addressing the actual [action/emotional/whatever] needs of the [film].'

It's easily THE biggest disappointment of the year and one of the biggest missed opportunities in recent memory, and that's saying a lot considering how upset everyone was about Infinity War's lack of thematic continuity. But I can say one thing about Infinity War that I never will about M:I-Fallout, Avengers 3's score makes a number of scenes better [whereas Balfe's music tends to ruin the movie].

Apparently, the Fallout Blu-ray will have an isolated score option and I'm struggling to know the 'why and the how' when TLJ had an isolated score option that wasn't even included on the freaking disc. If anything, I'd like to figure out a way of playing around with my audio settings to see if I can watch the movie with NO music.

Rant over.


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