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Jerry Goldsmith: Suites and Themes
Album Cover Art
1988 Masters
1989 Deram
Album 2 Cover Art
2002 Silva America
Album 3 Cover Art
Composed, Conducted, and Co-Produced by:

Performed by:
The Philharmonia Orchestra

Co-Produced by:
Simon Hayworth
Robert Townson
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Masters Film Music

Deram Records
(October, 1989)

Silva America
(March 26th, 2002)
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Only 1,500 copies of the 1988 Masters Film Music album (SRS 2003) were produced, available initially through the early days of Varèse Sarabande's CD Club. It sold for over $150 at the height of its value in the 1990's, despite the identical contents having been re-issued on the 1989 Deram album (which was entitled "The Soundtracks of Jerry Goldsmith with The Philharmonia"). The 2002 Silva American album (entitled "Goldsmith Conducts Goldsmith") is a regular commercial release.
The scores for The Sand Pebbles, Patton, Chinatown, A Patch of Blue, Papillon, and The Wind and the Lion were all nominated for an Academy Award in their respective years. None of them won.
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Buy it... if you desire one of the most robust and crystal clear concert performances of Jerry Goldsmith music, conducted by the composer himself, ever to exist on album.

Avoid it... only if you are disappointed by the lack of representation for some of the composer's strongest works of the 1980's on this otherwise solid presentation.
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WRITTEN 6/27/97, REVISED 11/2/11
Jerry Goldsmith: Suites and Themes: (Compilations) It has always been rare to witness a single concert performance of a composer's works recorded and pressed onto album, despite advancements in recording technologies. One notable exception has been a 1987 performance by The Philharmonia of London of famous Jerry Goldsmith themes, conducted by the composer himself. The concert at the Barbican Centre in London represented the first time Goldsmith had ever conducted in front of an audience consisting of the public, and after receiving glowing praise for his arrangements, he returned to the same group of performers the following day at the Walthamstow Assembly Hall for a separate recording of the same program without audience noise. That recording has been released several times on CD in the decades since, the first of which the most famous but least attainable. In the 1980's, the Masters Film Music Special Release Series, CDs produced by Varèse Sarabande executive Robert Townson, made available several Jerry Goldsmith scores in either commercial or limited fashion. Some of these were direct Varèse Sarabande albums, such as the two Lionheart volumes and The Final Conflict, though The Boys from Brazil and "Jerry Goldsmith: Suites and Themes" were released under the separate "Masters Film Music" label and were considerably more rare. The latter represented The Philharmonia of London's famed 1987 performances, and with its recording and mastering existing in purely digital form, the album offered a vibrant presentation of this 64-minute concert on a product that was limited to 1,500 copies and made available only through Varèse Sarabande in the early days of its CD Club. Featuring detailed packaging, original art by Bob Peak, and crisp sound quality rarely heard on CDs at the time, the 1988 album immediately became a top collectible. Initially valued at about $150 after selling out, "Jerry Goldsmith: Suites and Themes" became somewhat irrelevant rather quickly due to subsequent releases of the same recording. A 1989 Deram pressing out of Europe (entitled "The Soundtracks of Jerry Goldsmith with The Philharmonia") and a 2002 Silva American CD (alternately titled "Goldsmith Conducts Goldsmith") include musical contents identical to the famed 1988 CD, leaving the Masters Film Music product as a rarity for only the most ardent Goldsmith enthusiasts to seek. The Silva "Goldsmith Conducts Goldsmith" album thankfully kept the recording available for normal retail prices for a decade and is the most common version to be found in Goldsmith collections.

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Average: 3.38 Stars
***** 54 5 Stars
**** 39 4 Stars
*** 25 3 Stars
** 24 2 Stars
* 29 1 Stars
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this was NEVER a rare cd   Expand >>
Paramaribo - September 13, 2005, at 4:38 a.m.
2 comments  (3272 views)
Newest: February 16, 2006, at 12:36 p.m. by
Not as rare as all that   Expand >>
Pedestrian Wolf - August 12, 2005, at 9:09 p.m.
5 comments  (3901 views)
Newest: September 9, 2005, at 5:27 p.m. by
Pedestrian Wolf

Track Listings Icon
Audio Samples   ▼
1988 and 1989 Albums Tracks   ▼Total Time: 64:05
• 1. The Blue Max - Suite (16:29)
• 2. The Television Suite (9:45)
              I. The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
              II. Doctor Kildare
              III. Room 222
              IV. The Waltons
              V. Barnaby Jones

• 3. Masada (5:37)
• 4. Gremlins - Suite (7:35)
• 5. The Motion Picture Suite (15:24)
              I. The Sand Pebbles
              II. Chinatown
              III. A Patch of Blue
              IV. Poltergeist
              V. Papillon
              VI. The Wind and the Lion

• 6. The Generals Suite (5:12)
              I. MacArthur
              II. Patton

• 7. Lionheart (4:03)
2002 Silva Album Tracks   ▼Total Time: 71:32

Notes Icon
The insert of the 1988 Masters Film Music album contains lengthy information about Goldsmith's career (biography, filmography, pictures), as well as healthy descriptions of each score and film represented in the performances. The 2002 Silva album also includes extensive information in its insert as well.
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