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Space and Beyond
Album Cover Art
Conducted by:
Nic Raine

Performed by:
The City of Prague Philharmonic
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Silva Screen Records
(February 18th, 1997)
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Regular U.S. release. Initially somewhat difficult to find in stores, but available for as little as $5 on the used market in 2007.
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Buy it... if you seek one of the best compilations of science fiction film music ever to be recorded for album.

Avoid it... if the set's large collection of tired Star Trek concert arrangements would send you looking for one of this product's more varied sequel sets.
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WRITTEN 3/10/97, REVISED 12/21/06
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Space and Beyond: (Compilation) Along with the outstanding "Cinema Choral Classics" CDs, the "Space and Beyond" series in the late 1990's helped establish Silva Screen as a top producer of quality film music recordings. While the public's response to "Space and Beyond" may not have been as great as its choral counterpart, Silva would eventually go on to provide a trilogy of "Space and Beyond" albums, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. As a standalone album, however, the well-informed 2-CD "Space and Beyond" set is still among the best of the lot, getting most of the standard Star Trek performances out of the way while also providing a relatively unique combination of standard tunes and more obscure material. While the following sets in the series would offer an even more enticing array of stranger material, Silva's offering on this debut sci-fi set is still impressive enough to attract you even in the event you're tired of all the same Star Trek concert arrangements. Also of note is that The City of Prague Philharmonic, while appropriately blasted for some of its early performances of film music, had finally hit its stride as of 1997. There are very few outright poor performances as of "Space and Beyond," though a couple of individual missed notes are to be heard. More than any other group, however, Silva/Prague has ventured into areas of film music that no other label and performing ensemble have gone (and that includes even Telarc and Erich Kunzel at their prime). The first "Space and Beyond" will impress you with its depth and crisp sound, providing mostly material that you will likely be familiar with. But as with the subsequent albums, the set has a few new themes that you may not have heard before, making the balancing act between mainstream appeal and keen film music knowledge a successful one. That said, there are a few widely-known selections that you'll probably want to skip past, not because their performances are poor, but because you've heard them before. As such, Star Wars, Close Encunters, and 2001 are adequate, but hardly interesting inclusions. The same could be said of a few of the Star Trek selections on the second CD, though those always appeal to different groups within the community depending on personal favorites.

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Average: 3.73 Stars
***** 144 5 Stars
**** 84 4 Stars
*** 46 3 Stars
** 35 2 Stars
* 40 1 Stars
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Track Listings Icon
Total Time: 138:55
CD 1 (Total Time: 74:41)

• 1. 2001: A Space Odyssey: Introduction (Richard Strauss) (1:52)
• 2. SFX: Apollo 13 Liftoff (0:51)
• 3. Apollo 13: Main Title (James Horner) (2:59)
• 4. The Right Stuff: Finale (Bill Conti) (4:43)
• 5. SFX: Accelerated Protein Synthesis in Alien Organism (1:02)
• 6. Species: End Titles (Christopher Young) (7:47)
• 7. Lifeforce: End Titles (Henry Mancini) (4:04)
• 8. SFX: The Nostromo (1:00)
• 9. Alien: End Titles (Jerry Goldsmith) (3:50)
• 10. Capricorn One: Overture (Jerry Goldsmith) (3:19)
• 11. Cocoon: Theme (James Horner) (7:25)
• 12. SFX: Event Horizon (1:28)
• 13. The Black Hole: Suite (John Barry) (4:55)
• 14. The Empire Strikes Back: Han Solo and the Princess (John Williams) (4:11)
• 15. Heavy Metal: Taarna's Theme (Elmer Bernstein) (5:38)
• 16. SFX: Dogfight (1:31)
• 17. Enemy Mine: Suite (Maurice Jarre) (9:37)
• 18. Close Encounters of the Third Kind: The Conversation Begins (John Williams) (0:54)
• 19. Close Encounters of the Third Kind: Main Title/Finale (John Williams) (7:21)

CD 2 (Total Time: 64:14)

• 1. 2001: A Space Odyssey: Prelude: The Dawn of Man (Alex North) (1:35)
• 2. 2001: A Space Odyssey: Space Station Docking (Alex North, rejected) (2:52)
• 3. Star Wars: Main Title (John Williams) (5:27)

Music from Star Trek films and TV series:

• 4. SFX: Warp Drive (0:48)
• 5. Star Trek: Original TV Theme (Alexander Courage) (2:21)
• 6. Star Trek: The Motion Picture: End Title (Jerry Goldsmith) (3:58)
• 7. SFX: Away Team (0:53)
• 8. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Theme --concert version (Dennis McCarthy) (3:55)
• 9. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: 'Suite' from episode "Life Support" (Dennis McCarthy) (3:40)
• 10. SFX: The Bridge (0:31)
• 11. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan: Overture (James Horner) (6:32)
• 12. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home: End Titles (Leonard Rosenman) (3:33)
• 13. Star Trek: The Next Generation: 'Tasha's Farewell' from episode "Skin of Evil" (Ron Jones) (9:16)
• 14. SFX: Battle Stations (0:33)
• 15. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier: End Titles (Jerry Goldsmith) (4:02)
• 16. Star Trek: Voyager: Main Titles (Jerry Goldsmith) (2:01)
• 17. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country: End Titles Suite (Cliff Eidelman) (6:32)
• 18. SFX: Crash Landing (0:40)
• 19. Star Trek VII: Generations: Overture (Dennis McCarthy) (4:39)
(Sound effects listed in red)

Notes Icon
The release is contained in a silver sleave with blue lettering. The insert notes are extensive, though faulty in a few places. Most noticably, under Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, the plot description of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock is given.
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