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     1. Argylle
    2. The Boys in the Boat
   3. Aquaman: Lost Kingdom
  4. Migration
 5. Rebel Moon: A Child of Fire
6. Chicken Run: Dawn/Nugget

       1. The Mask of Zorro
      2. Oppenheimer
     3. Willow
    4. Space Battleship Yamato
   5. The Flash
  6. Tomorrow Never Dies
 7. Top Gun: Maverick
8. The Time Machine
         1. Batman (1989)
        2. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
       3. Oppenheimer
      4. Solo: A Star Wars Story
     5. The Flash
    6. Titanic
   7. LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring
  8. The Creator
 9. Spider-Man: Spider-Verse
10. Avatar: The Way of Water
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  TitleComposer(s)Category Avg. Total1-Star2-Star3-Star4-Star5-Star
1201. The Next Three DaysDanny Elfman Modern3.1013575072888661
1202. The Ballad of Lucy WhippleBruce Broughton TV3.1013485365887864
1203. Cool RunningsHans Zimmer, Nick Glennie-Smith Modern3.1001201823302722
1204. ElysiumRyan Amon Modern3.1002713856627144
1205. The Classic Film Music of John Barry, Volume IICompilation Misc3.099811315201716
1206. DaylightRandy Edelman Modern3.0972675037705753
1207. CheriAlexandre Desplat Modern3.0972163639524643
1208. HeartbeepsJohn Williams Classic3.0943525971757275
1209. Fifty Shades DarkerDanny Elfman Modern3.09340852841119665
1210. StagecoachJerry Goldsmith Classic3.09359272124175119102
1211. Top Gun: MaverickLorne Balfe, Various Modern3.0931401827423023
1212. The Shaggy DogAlan Menken Modern3.0932054134404545
1213. The CrowGraeme Revell Modern3.0931622731353831
1214. The Mark of Zorro/The Crimson PirateCompilations Misc3.0921742834413635
1215. The OthersAlejandro Amenabar Modern3.0921,420214302335278291
1216. Remember the TitansTrevor Rabin, John Debney Modern3.0911322525262531
1217. ValiantGeorge Fenton Modern3.0913758159638983
1218. Ant-Man and the WaspChristophe Beck Modern3.0901992143604728
1219. The Disappearance of Garcia LorcaMark McKenzie Modern3.0902113636524740
1220. In TimeCraig Armstrong Modern3.0901673423374033
1221. Catch Me If You CanJohn Williams Modern3.0902,612452488604510558
1222. Green ZoneJohn Powell Modern3.0882624746517345
1223. Mission: Impossible IIIMichael Giacchino Modern3.0861,084148196327241172
1224. Chain ReactionJerry Goldsmith Modern3.0852584251615153
1225. ArachnophobiaTrevor Jones Modern3.084952113201922
1226. FerdinandJohn Powell, Various Modern3.0831932143564528
1227. A Civil ActionDanny Elfman Modern3.083677102135175135130
1228. MacArthurJerry Goldsmith Classic3.0831212024272624
1229. Friday the 13thHarry Manfredini Classic3.0827391421209
1230. Regarding HenryHans Zimmer, Georges Delerue Modern3.0801382527282830
1231. HancockJohn Powell, Various Modern3.0794056281959770
1232. The Pursuit of HappynessAndrea Guerra Modern3.0782433845664846
1233. PrometheusMarc Streitenfeld, Harry Gregson-Williams Modern3.0785638012013213893
1234. The Adam ProjectRob Simonsen Modern3.0781281325443115
1235. LightyearMichael Giacchino Modern3.0782052547534733
1236. The Informant!Marvin Hamlisch Modern3.0781803633353343
1237. The Right StuffBill Conti Classic3.0771302622272629
1238. The TerminatorBrad Fiedel Classic3.07743071841048388
1239. Darkness FallsBrian Tyler Modern3.0761191726282721
1240. Kong: Skull IslandHenry Jackman Modern3.075931120252512
1241. War of the ButtonsRachel Portman Modern3.0752133540524640
1242. Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'HooleDavid Hirschfelder Modern3.075481709312511776
1243. A History of Hitchcock II: To Catch a ThiefCompilation Misc3.075671312141315
1244. Heart of DarknessBruce Broughton Misc3.0742715048615656
1245. L.A. ConfidentialJerry Goldsmith Modern3.0742,236337459557468415
1246. Star TrekMichael Giacchino Modern3.0731,782295356405376350
1247. AmélieYann Tiersen Modern3.07371518388141100203
1248. Shrek Forever AfterHarry Gregson-Williams Modern3.0725818511016013096
1249. Eve's BayouTerence Blanchard Modern3.0721252522272130
1250. The Shipping NewsChristopher Young Modern3.072584109108129108130
1251. The Emperor's New GrooveJohn Debney, Sting Modern3.0721,295221236322261255
1252. Wrath of the TitansJavier Navarrete Modern3.0712384240556140
1253. The Greatest Game Ever PlayedBrian Tyler Modern3.0712955354627155
1254. PlayersJerry Goldsmith Classic3.0711692435453530
1255. The Fifth ElementEric Serra Modern3.0719,1491,1872,0912,4651,6991,707
1256. ConstantineBrian Tyler, Klaus Badelt Modern3.071749148141146138176
1257. MagnoliaJon Brion Modern3.0707181423179
1258. Ghosts of Girlfriends PastRolfe Kent Modern3.0691011820231723
1259. Back to the Future Part IIAlan Silvestri Modern3.0691602930353333
1260. Requiem for a DreamClint Mansell Modern3.068513114978574143
1261. Clear and Present DangerJames Horner Modern3.068647107131148133128
1262. Masters of the UniverseBill Conti Classic3.068457768910610086
1263. ExcaliburTrevor Jones Classic3.0681182420242426
1264. Captain America: Civil WarHenry Jackman Modern3.0663478757456296
1265. Chicken Run: Dawn of the NuggetHarry Gregson-Williams Modern3.0661211425363115
1266. Harrison's FlowersCliff Eidelman Modern3.06660897127147113124
1267. ShrekJohn Powell, Harry Gregson-Williams Modern3.0656,8599951,4401,8951,1841,345
1268. VolcanoAlan Silvestri Modern3.0641,058165201276233183
1269. Star Trek BeyondMichael Giacchino Modern3.0632715250516553
1270. American GangsterMarc Streitenfeld Modern3.062972015231722
1271. How the West Was Won: Classic Western Film Scores ICompilation Misc3.062651112161412
1272. The Secret Life of PetsAlexandre Desplat Modern3.0611973145433741
1273. Contract on Cherry StreetJerry Goldsmith TV3.0601502728362732
1274. OneginMagnus Fiennes Modern3.0602684552635850
1275. Runaway JuryChristopher Young Modern3.0592364644474851
1276. An American PickleNami Melumad, Michael Giacchino Modern3.0581371831353122
1277. SpyTheodore Shapiro Modern3.0581211628312521
1278. Doctor WhoJohn Debney, Various TV3.0571743135383337
1279. GoosebumpsDanny Elfman Modern3.05733240651067843
1280. ArgoAlexandre Desplat Modern3.0573165866645672
1281. EternalsRamin Djawadi Modern3.0561802338514226
1282. Frank and JesseMark McKenzie Modern3.0542575239605551
1283. The Lone RangerHans Zimmer, Various Modern3.054645105121166140113
1284. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's EndHans Zimmer, Various Modern3.0545,9868951,2301,6271,1271,107
1285. The Name of the RoseJames Horner Classic3.0541684325253045
1286. SleepersJohn Williams Modern3.0534867610211810090
1287. Nine MonthsHans Zimmer, Nick Glennie-Smith Modern3.0523447858577081
1288. BabylonJustin Hurwitz Modern3.0521923637423542
1289. BoltJohn Powell Modern3.052462688712511765
1290. PredatorsJohn Debney Modern3.0505568110715313382
1291. Jumanji: The Next LevelHenry Jackman, Various Modern3.0501201527352320
1292. Courage Under FireJames Horner Modern3.0501,107196205265230211
1293. Cars 3Randy Newman Modern3.0491631635544117
1294. Warlock: The ArmageddonMark McKenzie Modern3.0482094436404445
1295. Holy Smoke!Angelo Badalamenti Modern3.0483777267857776
1296. Crazy Rich AsiansBrian Tyler Modern3.0471491931453222
1297. Rent-A-CopJerry Goldsmith Modern3.0472354049544448
1298. Brokedown PalaceDavid Newman Modern3.04636656621177160
1299. Cloud AtlasTom Tykwer, Various Modern3.046108282191832
1300. The Big BounceGeorge S. Clinton Modern3.04645697858088106
1301. Picture BrideCliff Eidelman Modern3.0461532728373328
1302. Incredibles 2Michael Giacchino Modern3.0452883269816640
1303. Conspiracy TheoryCarter Burwell Modern3.0451112517222225
1304. Psycho IIJerry Goldsmith Classic3.0452013538513740
1305. A Fish Called WandaJohn Du Prez Modern3.0431382627302530
1306. Men of HonorMark Isham Modern3.0431863835363542
1307. JarheadThomas Newman Modern3.0435361239677115125
1308. The King's SpeechAlexandre Desplat Modern3.043771104170204175118
1309. X-MenMichael Kamen Modern3.04220,4633,4375,0024,6881,9335,403
1310. The HolidayHans Zimmer, Various Modern3.041557102107122118108
1311. The Expendables 2Brian Tyler Modern3.0412935060666255
1312. Terminal VelocityJoel McNeely Modern3.0401242519312425
1313. Ghosts of the AbyssJoel McNeely Misc3.0401752737443631
1314. WonkaNeil Hannon, Joby Talbot Modern3.0401512032423621
1315. Wreck-It RalphHenry Jackman Modern3.0392855055666252
1316. The MusketeerDavid Arnold Modern3.0381,668338275365365325
1317. Toy Story 4Randy Newman Modern3.0381311329443015
1318. Red SonjaEnnio Morricone Classic3.0382905355626852
1319. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Daniel Pemberton Modern3.0381594127173341
1320. SkyfallThomas Newman Modern3.038929181190182165211
1321. Jumanji: Welcome to the JungleHenry Jackman, Various Modern3.038801017251612
1322. Ant-Man and the Wasp: QuantumaniaChristophe Beck Modern3.0371612036463623
1323. Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverLudwig Göransson Modern3.0372153547484540
1324. EarthseaJeff Rona TV3.0361101921272320
1325. The Bourne UltimatumJohn Powell Modern3.036883129185234195140
1326. Never Let Me GoRachel Portman Modern3.0362765351595954
1327. The Sea BeastMark Mancina Modern3.0361381631403417
1328. Marvin's RoomRachel Portman Modern3.0361663430353037
1329. Jack Ryan: Shadow RecruitPatrick Doyle Modern3.0351992440654525
1330. InceptionHans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe Modern3.0354,253778905875780915
1331. The Batman TrilogyCompilation Misc3.0351723331354330
1332. Rocky IVVince DiCola Classic3.03586920262110
1333. Trading PlacesElmer Bernstein Classic3.03458912161011
1334. War of the WorldsJohn Williams Modern3.0341,961298402518421322
1335. The Man from Elysian FieldsAnthony Marinelli Modern3.0332464344635442
1336. SylviaGabriel Yared Modern3.032683102137186153105
1337. Eagle EyeBrian Tyler Modern3.0324407593979382
1338. Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear MountainJoel McNeely Modern3.03263168121215
1339. X-Men: First ClassHenry Jackman, Various Modern3.032444679311310170
1340. My Big Fat Greek WeddingAlexander Janko, Chris Wilson Modern3.0303306367676370
1341. Anna KareninaDario Marianelli Modern3.0301993836434636
1342. CrashMark Isham Modern3.0292063944403845
1343. Promised LandDanny Elfman Modern3.0292753160896035
1344. WarGamesArthur B. Rubinstein Classic3.029701015191511
1345. I'll Do AnythingHans Zimmer Modern3.0281061822252120
1346. BrainstormJames Horner Classic3.0281423020353027
1347. Léon (The Professional)Eric Serra Modern3.0287181622169
1348. Wild AmericaJoel McNeely Modern3.0282134340434245
1349. AliasMichael Giacchino TV3.0283275669756463
1350. Reign of FireEdward Shearmur Modern3.0261142717222226
1351. Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among ThievesLorne Balfe, Various Modern3.0251572035463323
1352. BoundDon Davis Modern3.0251222820232328
1353. Nowhere in AfricaNiki Reiser Modern3.0253667067827869
1354. BreakdownBasil Poledouris, Various Modern3.024821715161717
1355. United 93John Powell Modern3.0231312522293520
1356. Matchstick MenHans Zimmer Modern3.022629106135150115123
1357. Dante's PeakJohn Frizzell, James Newton Howard Modern3.0221802737513530
1358. House of Flying DaggersShigeru Umebayashi Modern3.0221362725292827
1359. The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of WaterJohn Debney Modern3.021941623211123
1360. Alien vs. PredatorHarald Kloser Modern3.021762121155196167123
1361. Winnie the PoohHenry Jackman, Various Modern3.0212434045655637
1362. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo DriftBrian Tyler Modern3.0201483026352532
1363. Something Wicked This Way ComesJames Horner, Georges Delerue Classic3.0202014036424637
1364. Rocky IIIBill Conti Classic3.0201021620282216
1365. Golden GateElliot Goldenthal Modern3.0191553429312239
1366. Ralph Breaks the InternetHenry Jackman, Alan Menken Modern3.0191582333453225
1367. City SlickersMarc Shaiman Modern3.0191062317232122
1368. I Know What You Did Last SummerJohn Debney Modern3.0182775748605755
1369. Love HappensChristopher Young Modern3.0171743334403136
1370. Ticket to ParadiseLorne Balfe Modern3.0171171625332716
1371. Bobby Jones: Stroke of GeniusJames Horner Modern3.017777138160178153148
1372. ExoticaMychael Danna Modern3.0173617269786577
1373. SpeciesChristopher Young Modern3.0163045765606062
1374. Little GiantsJohn Debney Modern3.0162454746555047
1375. Eight Legged FreaksJohn Ottman Modern3.0161914234373543
1376. Article 99Danny Elfman Modern3.0162553953656137
1377. Free GuyChristophe Beck Modern3.0151342026402820
1378. K-19: The WidowmakerKlaus Badelt Modern3.0141,881343346482361349
1379. BreachMychael Danna Modern3.014701413161215
1380. SolarisCliff Martinez Modern3.0142917352405076
1381. NoahClint Mansell Modern3.0143644787968252
1382. The Karate KidBill Conti Classic3.0142213447604238
1383. EraserAlan Silvestri Modern3.0131543027353527
1384. Radioland MurdersJoel McNeely, Various Modern3.013771217191613
1385. Crocodile DundeePeter Best Classic3.013801018241711
1386. ThunderbirdsHans Zimmer, Ramin Djawadi Modern3.0121,045185201267200192
1387. House on Haunted HillDon Davis Modern3.0123286862676071
1388. Toy Story 3Randy Newman, Various Modern3.012989141220262218148
1389. National TreasureTrevor Rabin Modern3.012756150148162135161
1390. DuplicityJames Newton Howard Modern3.0113596773806772
1391. Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on FootDanny Elfman Modern3.010981520272115
1392. Evan AlmightyJohn Debney Modern3.0101993535534531
1393. NixonJohn Williams Modern3.009949161197223208160
1394. The Bucket ListMarc Shaiman Modern3.0091102618202125
1395. The Time Traveler's WifeMychael Danna Modern3.0092344149554544
1396. UntraceableChristopher Young Modern3.0081212625221830
1397. Men in Black: InternationalDanny Elfman, Chris Bacon Modern3.00728732601026033
1398. Valentine's DayJohn Debney Modern3.0071482830332730
1399. Star Trek: NemesisJerry Goldsmith Modern3.0074,3006159461,307659773
1400. The LosersJohn Ottman Modern3.0071492830342730
1401. EvolutionJohn Powell Modern3.0071,200201226342226205
1402. Fantastic FourJohn Ottman Modern3.006482551031709262
1403. Halloween KillsJohn Carpenter, Various Modern3.0061652030623518
1404. The SkullsRandy Edelman Modern3.0061,160177246335197205
1405. The Thin Red LineHans Zimmer, Various Modern3.00611,2511,3923,0203,1131,5832,143
1406. Aliens in the AtticJohn Debney Modern3.0061793038453333
1407. Hide and SeekJohn Ottman Modern3.0051964335403444
1408. The NegotiatorGraeme Revell Modern3.0054148081908380
1409. Mission: ImpossibleDanny Elfman Modern3.004771145156165161144
1410. Thirteen GhostsJohn Frizzell Modern3.0042615047625646
1411. House of WaxJohn Ottman Modern3.0042756047585258
1412. OblivionAnthony Gonzales, Joseph Trapanese Modern3.0042804957695451
1413. Mission: Impossible - Ghost ProtocolMichael Giacchino Modern3.00357285138140108101
1414. Inspector GadgetJohn Debney Modern3.0031,099195205272256171
1415. The ExpendablesBrian Tyler Modern3.0033946783918865
1416. Minority ReportJohn Williams Modern3.0003,014537588771573545
1417. The Adventures of PinocchioRachel Portman, Various Modern3.0001723727393732
1418. Bite the BulletAlex North Classic3.0003977081987573
1419. The Crying GameAnne Dudley Modern3.0001873935413141
1420. District 9Clinton Shorter Modern3.0001912842514228
1421. FernGully: The Last RainforestAlan Silvestri Modern3.0002454646585243
1422. GodsendBrian Tyler Modern3.0002645047636143
1423. The Grudge 2Christopher Young Modern3.0001052619161727
1424. The Homecoming: A Christmas Story/Rascals and Robbers: The Secret Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck FinnJerry Goldsmith, James Horner Misc3.000951620232016
1425. The House With a Clock in its WallsNathan Barr Modern3.0001351532413215
1426. Inside OutMichael Giacchino Modern3.0002273058574636
1427. Knives OutNathan Johnson Modern3.0001462032433021
1428. MaverickRandy Newman Modern3.0001242126302621
1429. One Against the WindLee Holdridge TV3.0001102619192125
1430. The Peanuts MovieChristophe Beck Modern3.0001131625302715
1431. SidewaysRolfe Kent Modern3.0003406265827358
1432. Monsters, Inc.Randy Newman Modern2.9993,992641930967701753
1433. CellularJohn Ottman Modern2.9962785652644957
1434. CarsRandy Newman Modern2.996929134203270177145
1435. Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who!John Powell, Various Modern2.99542576879010765
1436. Die Hard 2: Die HarderMichael Kamen Modern2.9951964232424535
1437. The Closer You GetRachel Portman Modern2.9951933834483736
1438. KimberlyBasil Poledouris Modern2.9951873532474528
1439. K-PaxEdward Shearmur Modern2.9941,364195330375216248
1440. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindJon Brion Modern2.9932815658575258
1441. The PredatorHenry Jackman Modern2.9931342028373118
1442. PumpkinJohn Ottman Modern2.9922625353554556
1443. The Silence of the LambsHoward Shore Modern2.9922514853515148
1444. Tropic ThunderTheodore Shapiro Modern2.9921242520312721
1445. FargoCarter Burwell Modern2.9911142121282618
1446. Bee MovieRupert Gregson-Williams, Various Modern2.9893687072847666
1447. Executive DecisionJerry Goldsmith Modern2.9892724257775442
1448. MonkeyboneAnne Dudley Modern2.988681142116157140126
1449. The Final CutBrian Tyler Modern2.9881673033452732
1450. Ice Age: Dawn of the DinosaursJohn Powell Modern2.9873726575879055
1451. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery/The Spy Who Shagged MeGeorge S. Clinton Misc2.986731414181314
1452. Don't Say a WordMark Isham Modern2.9861,003140250267176170
1453. Gorky ParkJames Horner Classic2.9841252225332322
1454. Chariots of FireVangelis Classic2.9846691951464345240
1455. On Deadly GroundBasil Poledouris Modern2.9831192125302122
1456. TolkienThomas Newman Modern2.9831161925282717
1457. Rob RoyCarter Burwell Modern2.9821703632333732
1458. The Hi-Lo CountryCarter Burwell Modern2.9821673328433528
1459. The Passion of the ChristJohn Debney Modern2.98214,5793,3092,9403,0741,2164,040
1460. The ReapingJohn Frizzell Modern2.9792434453544844
1461. Hillbilly ElegyHans Zimmer, David Fleming Modern2.979961720232016
1462. The Invisible ManBenjamin Wallfisch Modern2.9791903142483831
1463. Cocoon: The ReturnJames Horner Modern2.9791402725353023
1464. The Suicide SquadJohn Murphy Modern2.9781391830462718
1465. Bullet TrainDominic Lewis Modern2.9781362430312724
1466. RioJohn Powell Modern2.978449739610811260
1467. Nineteen Eighty-FourDominic Muldowney Classic2.977481851091079288
1468. Die HardMichael Kamen Modern2.977767133162197140135
1469. The General's DaughterCarter Burwell Modern2.9761,143239181295225203
1470. The Addams FamilyMychael Danna, Jeff Danna Modern2.9751221927322618
1471. RoninElia Cmiral Modern2.97543576891138473
1472. Finding DoryThomas Newman Modern2.9741541835513317
1473. The Ultimate Star TrekCompilation Misc2.9742304545534542
1474. Lost SoulsJan A.P. Kaczmarek Modern2.97165289162185111105
1475. Turning RedLudwig Göransson Modern2.9711702735464022
1476. I.Q.Jerry Goldsmith Modern2.9701693238392337
1477. Fantastic Mr. FoxAlexandre Desplat Modern2.9702695652575252
1478. The BatmanMichael Giacchino Modern2.9703336176716263
1479. Speed RacerMichael Giacchino Modern2.9693206467656361
1480. The Whole Wide WorldHarry Gregson-Williams, Hans Zimmer Modern2.9691593427383030
1481. Knight and DayJohn Powell Modern2.9681903038524822
1482. Used PeopleRachel Portman Modern2.9681573229363228
1483. FurySteven Price Modern2.9671232821232922
1484. Night at the Museum: Battle of the SmithsonianAlan Silvestri Modern2.9663245763867048
1485. Tinker Tailor Soldier SpyAlberto Iglesias Modern2.9651412826352725
1486. Batman BeginsHans Zimmer, Various Modern2.9656,3731,0121,3931,8201,1051,043
1487. Now and ThenCliff Eidelman Modern2.9642214440564239
1488. Phantom ThreadJonny Greenwood Modern2.9632173649544335
1489. InchonJerry Goldsmith Classic2.9622103547534134
1490. William Shakespeare's Romeo + JulietNellee Hooper, Various Modern2.9621302723302822
1491. Bernard Herrmann at Fox: Volume 2Compilation Misc2.9612323850634536
1492. The Godfather Part IIICarmine Coppola, Nino Rota Modern2.9611532432453022
1493. AmandaBasil Poledouris Modern2.9611783234483727
1494. CloudsBrian Tyler Modern2.9591231631352417
1495. GothikaJohn Ottman Modern2.9595111041021149398
1496. Battlestar Galactica (Special Events)Bear McCreary TV2.9571162125282220
1497. Bad Boys for LifeLorne Balfe Modern2.9561371930432817
1498. Narrow EscapeDavid Michael Frank TV2.956681215161411
1499. City HallJerry Goldsmith Modern2.9552243751584137
1500. OnwardMychael Danna, Jeff Danna Modern2.9541522235443021
1501. Venom: Let There Be CarnageMarco Beltrami Modern2.9531492132473118
1502. Spy KidsJohn Debney, Various Modern2.9531,961336448496335346
1503. Fifty Shades FreedDanny Elfman Modern2.9522734261755837
1504. Demolition ManElliot Goldenthal Modern2.9522284250534340
1505. Red DawnBasil Poledouris Classic2.9511422728343122
1506. Aquaman and the Lost KingdomRupert Gregson-Williams Modern2.9501201529362713
1507. InstinctDanny Elfman Modern2.950840167193170135175
1508. The ChallengeJerry Goldsmith Classic2.9492965270724557
1509. FirewallAlexandre Desplat Modern2.9481352335282425
1510. Shadow of the VampireDan Jones Modern2.94743476931128469
1511. *batteries not includedJames Horner Classic2.9471322130362520
1512. Johnny English RebornIlan Eshkeri Modern2.9461121725322315
1513. Fast & FuriousBrian Tyler Modern2.9461493026383223
1514. GhostbustersTheodore Shapiro Modern2.9461852746474025
1515. The Remains of the DayRichard Robbins Modern2.946741417161314
1516. Big MiracleCliff Eidelman Modern2.9451463028323224
1517. Battlestar Galactica (Mini-Series)Richard Gibbs, Bear McCreary TV2.9443566380857058
1518. Red CornerThomas Newman Modern2.942691610181213
1519. No Strings AttachedJohn Debney Modern2.9421893643433037
1520. VibesJames Horner Modern2.9412396044404055
1521. The Karate Kid: Part IIIBill Conti Modern2.9416891621148
1522. Passion of MindRandy Edelman Modern2.9401843736433731
1523. The Messenger: The Story of Joan of ArcEric Serra Modern2.94046577991377973
1524. Dr. Seuss' The LoraxJohn Powell, Various Modern2.9393105566727740
1525. The Final DestinationBrian Tyler Modern2.9392934964786042
1526. 1408Gabriel Yared Modern2.9381302031342718
1527. 127 HoursA.R. Rahman Modern2.9383737186796968
1528. Grey GardensRachel Portman TV2.9381612935393325
1529. VirusJoel McNeely Modern2.9372544958554448
1530. Babylon 5: Sleeping in LightChristopher Franke TV2.9354289588896294
1531. The Giant of Thunder MountainLee Holdridge Modern2.9351072716212320
1532. The AlamoCarter Burwell Modern2.9343818077827270
1533. The Long Way HomeLee Holdridge Modern2.9341062417252218
1534. Ocean's ElevenDavid Holmes Modern2.9341212325302320
1535. RadioJames Horner Modern2.93462011812315712696
1536. Mr. & Mrs. SmithJohn Powell Modern2.9341512731403122
1537. Silver Linings PlaybookDanny Elfman Modern2.9343465876897746
1538. A Far Off PlaceJames Horner Modern2.9331793537423530
1539. V/V: The SeriesDennis McCarthy, Joe Harnell Misc2.93238260861087652
1540. Blade RunnerVangelis Classic2.932687164121135132135
1541. The RainmakerElmer Bernstein Modern2.9322194150513740
1542. The Best of Star Trek: 30th AnniversaryCompilation Misc2.9291262327322420
1543. Extreme Close-UpJames Horner TV2.928972120211520
1544. The Life Before Her EyesJames Horner Modern2.92848510696989788
1545. When Good Ghouls Go BadChristopher Gordon TV2.9272885264725347
1546. The Twilight Saga: EclipseHoward Shore Modern2.9265141228010912083
1547. To Die ForDanny Elfman Modern2.9242384052635231
1548. Wide AwakeEdmund Choi Modern2.9241443031292826
1549. PreySarah Schachner Modern2.9231692637503620
1550. Pearl HarborHans Zimmer Modern2.92311,5612,3202,3782,8951,8102,158
1551. The StatementNorman Corbeil Modern2.9222705154695739
1552. TestamentJames Horner Classic2.9221533328353225
1553. The Pelican BriefJames Horner Modern2.9212665654614550
1554. The Chronicles of RiddickGraeme Revell Modern2.921743129164202133115
1555. Big Trouble in Little ChinaJohn Carpenter, Alan Howarth Classic2.920527951191329586
1556. The Glass HouseChristopher Young Modern2.91947195971187388
1557. AvalonRandy Newman Modern2.9181473130332627
1558. Hollywood Stars: Music from the Films of Mel GibsonCompilation Misc2.918982018252015
1559. Dawn of the Planet of the ApesMichael Giacchino Modern2.9182934587585350
1560. Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost DreamsRobert Rodriguez, John Debney Modern2.9184851021001118092
1561. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2Rachel Portman Modern2.9171202225332119
1562. Addams Family ValuesMarc Shaiman Modern2.9141051425332211
1563. Bad BoysMark Mancina, Nick Glennie-Smith Modern2.9141633033453124
1564. SouthpawJames Horner Modern2.9141391735452715
1565. The Road to El DoradoHans Zimmer, Various Modern2.9134048882877176
1566. Shanghai NoonRandy Edelman Modern2.9121372730302822
1567. The Tomorrow WarLorne Balfe Modern2.9121372230402817
1568. MulanHarry Gregson-Williams Modern2.9111583035373125
1569. Dolphin TaleMark Isham Modern2.9101552931403520
1570. Up and Down: Richard BandCompilation Misc2.9091212426292121
1571. Rush Hour 3Lalo Schifrin Modern2.9092414255644337
1572. The MatrixDon Davis Modern2.90820,4634,3535,1454,1131,7265,126
1573. The ThingMarco Beltrami Modern2.9082293951605029
1574. ComaJerry Goldsmith Classic2.908981922231717
1575. Tears of the SunHans Zimmer, Various Modern2.9073,023667678582460636
1576. Live Free or Die HardMarco Beltrami Modern2.90771011116720014191
1577. Sweet Home AlabamaGeorge Fenton Modern2.907862513141321
1578. Batman ForeverElliot Goldenthal Modern2.907913185177237166148
1579. The SurvivorHans Zimmer Modern2.9061282227372517
1580. James Horner: Suites and ThemesCompilation Misc2.9053487671775866
1581. TurbulenceShirley Walker Modern2.9051051525312311
1582. Fantastic FourMarco Beltrami, Philip Glass Modern2.9041462135433116
1583. OutlandJerry Goldsmith Classic2.9043125872755651
1584. The KingdomDanny Elfman Modern2.9034228390988764
1585. Moll FlandersMark Mancina Modern2.9031954041463434
1586. The Incredible HulkJoe Harnell TV2.90264411814316512098
1587. The A-TeamAlan Silvestri Modern2.9023155471826840
1588. TootsieDave Grusin Classic2.9021933644473531
1589. Men in Black IIDanny Elfman Modern2.901979192206246177158
1590. Ghost ShipJohn Frizzell Modern2.9005311209212610786
1591. Indecent ProposalJohn Barry Modern2.9001503432292530
1592. The Thomas Crown AffairBill Conti, Jamshied Sharifi Modern2.9004,2997891,0351,095577803
1593. Shadow ConspiracyBruce Broughton Modern2.8991683435403227
1594. WindtalkersJames Horner Modern2.8981,877351418481326301
1595. TroyJames Horner, Gabriel Yared Modern2.8974,7021,2418279904611,183
1596. The Simpsons MovieHans Zimmer, Various Modern2.8974199090887576
1597. Domestic DisturbanceMark Mancina Modern2.8965401041071539383
1598. Terminator SalvationDanny Elfman Modern2.8961,275255293265254208
1599. Lost in SpaceBruce Broughton Modern2.8961,360271289334243223
1600. SoldierJoel McNeely Modern2.8953257169695561
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