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     1. Argylle
    2. The Boys in the Boat
   3. Aquaman: Lost Kingdom
  4. Migration
 5. Rebel Moon: A Child of Fire
6. Chicken Run: Dawn/Nugget

       1. The Mask of Zorro
      2. Oppenheimer
     3. Willow
    4. Space Battleship Yamato
   5. The Flash
  6. Tomorrow Never Dies
 7. Top Gun: Maverick
8. The Time Machine
         1. Batman (1989)
        2. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
       3. Oppenheimer
      4. Solo: A Star Wars Story
     5. The Flash
    6. Titanic
   7. LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring
  8. The Creator
 9. Spider-Man: Spider-Verse
10. Avatar: The Way of Water
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  TitleComposer(s)Category Avg. Total1-Star2-Star3-Star4-Star5-Star
401. Michael CollinsElliot Goldenthal Modern3.6195865758128151192
402. Star Trek: First ContactJerry Goldsmith, Joel Goldsmith Modern3.6189,2633879352,7302,9862,225
403. OctopussyJohn Barry Classic3.6145115063101117180
404. The Man Without a FaceJames Horner Modern3.6141,06699132210265360
405. MoanaMark Mancina, Various Modern3.614402225295123110
406. Rambo: Last BloodBrian Tyler Modern3.6141531622233656
407. Violent NightDominic Lewis Modern3.613106712233727
408. On the BeachChristopher Gordon TV3.613470544687124159
409. Captain America: The First AvengerAlan Silvestri Modern3.6117467090140206240
410. PartitionBrian Tyler Modern3.6112752832527093
411. The Perfect StormJames Horner Modern3.6083,4253373877058501,146
412. Johnny EnglishEdward Shearmur, Howard Goodall Modern3.6061,140103120241335341
413. Days of ThunderHans Zimmer Modern3.60630238384565116
414. Sleeping with the EnemyJerry Goldsmith Modern3.6051,08773138251308317
415. Mia and Me: The Hero of CentopiaChristoph Zirngibl Modern3.6036347152116
416. Chicken RunJohn Powell, Harry Gregson-Williams Modern3.6015,0303785641,2621,3101,516
417. Farewell to the KingBasil Poledouris Modern3.5992723728406998
418. The New WorldJames Horner Modern3.5921,271126116300337392
419. What Dreams May ComeMichael Kamen, Mark Snow Modern3.5922,127187242495530673
420. Love's Labour's LostPatrick Doyle Modern3.5921,947154237418578560
421. Oliver TwistRachel Portman Modern3.5895216152105125178
422. PanJohn Powell Modern3.5831391019304040
423. El Verano Que VivimosFederico Jusid Modern3.582110614263826
424. ThorPatrick Doyle Modern3.5801,09087135257281330
425. Valerian and the City of a Thousand PlanetsAlexandre Desplat Modern3.5781611123374248
426. X-Men: The Last StandJohn Powell Modern3.5761,04696110232311297
427. Drag Me to HellChristopher Young Modern3.57640348478081147
428. 3:10 to YumaMarco Beltrami Modern3.5756026668115160193
429. For Love of the GameBasil Poledouris Modern3.5748628178199273231
430. MigrationJohn Powell Modern3.574129817304133
431. Vertical LimitJames Newton Howard Modern3.57236735507388121
432. Free WillyBasil Poledouris Modern3.5711,0089898242270300
433. The Woman KingTerence Blanchard Modern3.571119716283830
434. The Black DahliaMark Isham Modern3.5707535586197205210
435. Spider-Man 2Danny Elfman, Various Modern3.5702,435171317598652697
436. CasperJames Horner Modern3.5672,579190286660757686
437. TarzanDavid Newman Modern3.5651862522274765
438. The HoursPhilip Glass Modern3.5642,460231258596643732
439. Little WomenAlexandre Desplat Modern3.5642041428446553
440. Tale of the Sleeping GiantsPanu Aaltio Modern3.56387511213020
441. Thelma & LouiseHans Zimmer, John Van Tongeren Modern3.56229936405066107
442. Kingsman: The Golden CircleHenry Jackman, Matthew Margeson Modern3.56289512213021
443. The Cloverfield ParadoxBear McCreary Modern3.5611551221334643
444. Ice Age: Collision CourseJohn Debney Modern3.5561531225352853
445. Black RainHans Zimmer Modern3.554457586073103163
446. Now You See Me 2Brian Tyler Modern3.5531591022375040
447. The Man in the MoonJames Newton Howard Modern3.5516304898146135203
448. RamboBrian Tyler Modern3.5502582535526581
449. Avengers: EndgameAlan Silvestri Modern3.550460367296115141
450. The Nutcracker and the Four RealmsJames Newton Howard Modern3.54934622537510591
451. Death on the NilePatrick Doyle Modern3.5492371627598154
452. Ant-ManChristophe Beck Modern3.54836330537598107
453. Treasure PlanetJames Newton Howard Modern3.5461,858160244437455562
454. The Green MileThomas Newman Modern3.5464,7343066151,2581,2971,258
455. TraumfabrikPhilipp Noll Modern3.545101713243225
456. GodzillaAkira Ifukube Classic3.5431,002141118173196374
457. Henry VPatrick Doyle Modern3.5426425779148175183
458. KrullJames Horner Classic3.5421,08790140258289310
459. HidalgoJames Newton Howard Modern3.5411,27696190298312380
460. TomorrowlandMichael Giacchino Modern3.54140732737891133
461. The FlyHoward Shore Classic3.5402262028506662
462. Hans Zimmer: The Wings of a FilmCompilation Misc3.54076985100146191247
463. Devil's AdvocateJames Newton Howard Modern3.5391,29496187310326375
464. Heaven & EarthKitaro Modern3.5398049796146207258
465. The PianoMichael Nyman Modern3.5351983023313975
466. Black PantherLudwig Göransson Modern3.535441435690126126
467. Talk to HerAlberto Iglesias Modern3.5346937669155195198
468. Justice LeagueDanny Elfman Modern3.5327455697168243181
469. Der Medicus (The Physician)Ingo Ludwig Frenzel Modern3.5311471720263648
470. The Adventures of Conan: A Sword and Sorcery SpectacularBasil Poledouris Misc3.5303153036709584
471. The Ninth GateWojciech Kilar Modern3.5301,512113179396442382
472. Jaws 2John Williams Classic3.5295696180106141181
473. Pavilion of WomenConrad Pope Modern3.529501605587158141
474. Mega MoviesCompilation Misc3.528464615976110158
475. All the Pretty HorsesMarty Stuart, Various Modern3.5281,519124142453408392
476. The Painted VeilAlexandre Desplat Modern3.5277148688139166235
477. Capricorn OneJerry Goldsmith Classic3.5262282328525669
478. GladiatorHans Zimmer, Various Modern3.52659,6635,3647,77514,40014,36217,762
479. Hart's WarRachel Portman Modern3.5261,930171214478563504
480. The Sum of All FearsJerry Goldsmith Modern3.5262,454207313582687665
481. AmerikaBasil Poledouris TV3.526390514066119114
482. Enemy at the GatesJames Horner Modern3.5256,6096617381,4901,9131,807
483. Il PostinoLuis Bacalov Modern3.5245998466108134207
484. ChicagoJohn Kander, Danny Elfman Modern3.5234,6044874751,0381,3491,255
485. The BFGJohn Williams Modern3.5233313347609695
486. The Scorpion KingJohn Debney Modern3.5238659781200247240
487. OceansBruno Coulais Modern3.5222763633526194
488. Craig Armstrong: Film Works 1995-2005Craig Armstrong Misc3.5192604526277389
489. The Good DinosaurMychael Danna, Jeff Danna Modern3.5181641125414245
490. ChocolatRachel Portman Modern3.5173,170353362641921893
491. SignsJames Newton Howard Modern3.5173,272317443707843962
492. The Golden CompassAlexandre Desplat Modern3.5157858398176188240
493. Pride & PrejudiceDario Marianelli Modern3.5141,464127190348401398
494. MunichJohn Williams Modern3.5141,500138175352448387
495. Curse of the Golden FlowerShigeru Umebayashi Modern3.5142203224385175
496. Rain ManHans Zimmer Modern3.513437466880102141
497. Nomad: The WarriorCarlo Siliotto Modern3.5132403823356678
498. Bitter HarvestBenjamin Wallfisch Modern3.5121251218263237
499. A View to a KillJohn Barry Classic3.50889183110200267231
500. The Personal History of David CopperfieldChristopher Willis Modern3.507134818374031
501. GhostbustersElmer Bernstein Classic3.5074143257104111110
502. Jerry Goldsmith SPFM TributeJerry Goldsmith Misc3.5071422118223051
503. Jerry Goldsmith: Suites and ThemesJerry Goldsmith Misc3.5051862924254068
504. The Usual SuspectsJohn Ottman Modern3.50494378137207274247
505. Living in the Age of AirplanesJames Horner Modern3.50082511203016
506. Who Framed Roger RabbitAlan Silvestri Modern3.5006824898172193171
507. White FangBasil Poledouris, Various Modern3.5001482613213751
508. The Stoning of Soraya M.John Debney Modern3.4982133316415865
509. HellboyMarco Beltrami Modern3.4971,450125195337420373
510. Predator 2Alan Silvestri Modern3.49733035486680101
511. Pas de DeuxJames Horner Misc3.4961191415233235
512. EnigmaJohn Barry Modern3.4961,735150234425458468
513. The UntouchablesEnnio Morricone Classic3.495111716283525
514. A Patch of BlueJerry Goldsmith Classic3.495392365390107106
515. CoralineBruno Coulais Modern3.49466870108131140219
516. After EverythingGeorge Kallis Modern3.49483510232916
517. BabeNigel Westlake Modern3.49483511222817
518. The Flight of the PhoenixFrank DeVol Classic3.4926159141716
519. The Godfather TrilogyNino Rota Misc3.4912654128426886
520. Spider-ManDanny Elfman Modern3.4904,1264825288501,0181,248
521. King ArthurHans Zimmer, Various Modern3.4883,398367427740908956
522. The MummyJerry Goldsmith Modern3.48513,2289161,7133,7883,6573,154
523. La La LandJustin Hurwitz Modern3.4853032848657389
524. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2Alexandre Desplat Modern3.4842,035234270428483620
525. Hollywood '95Compilation Misc3.48326354253048106
526. The Sixth SenseJames Newton Howard Modern3.4835,2253947651,3361,3851,345
527. GhostMaurice Jarre Modern3.4825215378110125155
528. Finders of the Lost YachtPanu Aaltio Modern3.48181611192817
529. Back to the Future Part IIIAlan Silvestri Modern3.4811581723304345
530. The WitchesAlan Silvestri Modern3.4811561021415232
531. You've Got MailGeorge Fenton Modern3.4804,1033385191,0871,1521,007
532. The Witches of EastwickJohn Williams Classic3.4796056778124170166
533. RayCraig Armstrong Modern3.4785296963100140157
534. Rise of the Planet of the ApesPatrick Doyle Modern3.4787136092173223165
535. EnchantedAlan Menken Modern3.47788498120193208265
536. Autumn in New YorkGabriel Yared Modern3.4772,709209374689790647
537. Saving Mr. BanksThomas Newman Modern3.4772161729546650
538. SplashLee Holdridge Classic3.4765105162117153127
539. X-Men: ApocalypseJohn Ottman Modern3.4762332232487556
540. The House of the SpiritsHans Zimmer Modern3.4766346595135151188
541. The Secret of N.I.M.H.Jerry Goldsmith Classic3.4766146282138166166
542. Bridge of SpiesThomas Newman Modern3.4752041428556146
543. War for the Planet of the ApesMichael Giacchino Modern3.4732261745455267
544. The MummyBrian Tyler Modern3.4712082030436253
545. A Hidden LifeJames Newton Howard Modern3.4712572038637363
546. Under Siege 2: Dark TerritoryBasil Poledouris Modern3.470100715243222
547. Assassination Classroom: GraduationNaoki Sato Modern3.4706669142215
548. Battlestar GalacticaStu Phillips TV3.46978081106179194220
549. Downton Abbey: A New EraJohn Lunn Modern3.46894714232822
550. AliensJames Horner Classic3.4681,531162188371392418
551. The Fly IIChristopher Young Modern3.4651592420263653
552. Mouse HuntAlan Silvestri Modern3.4651591821324543
553. A River Runs Through ItMark Isham Modern3.4651142113171845
554. Journey to the Center of the EarthAndrew Lockington Modern3.4643043141649276
555. Mark McKenzie: Orchestral Film Music, Volume 1Compilation Misc3.4602504326395785
556. FridaElliot Goldenthal Modern3.4602,498314391447524822
557. Ponyo on the Cliff by the SeaJoe Hisaishi Modern3.4592553535465683
558. HeroTan Dun Modern3.4571,523159171367467359
559. Big WednesdayBasil Poledouris Classic3.4572893732588676
560. Robin Hood: Prince of ThievesMichael Kamen Modern3.4561,624172196391450415
561. BaltoJames Horner Modern3.4551,198105152320335286
562. Ghost RiderChristopher Young Modern3.4557598092175227185
563. Earth: Final ConflictMicky Erbe, Maribeth Solomon TV3.454790105108143191243
564. CliffhangerTrevor Jones Modern3.45284382102216239204
565. Playing by HeartJohn Barry Modern3.45286674114235233210
566. Tron: LegacyDaft Punk Modern3.4501,252159181236289387
567. ChinatownJerry Goldsmith, Phillip Lambro Classic3.450120919293528
568. StepmomJohn Williams Modern3.4493,389298445898935813
569. Damien: Omen IIJerry Goldsmith Classic3.4481832127403956
570. Rogue One: A Star Wars StoryMichael Giacchino Modern3.44873061131155186197
571. Patton and Tora! Tora! Tora!Jerry Goldsmith Misc3.4471902627334460
572. 8 FemmesKrishna Levy Modern3.4476427365159192153
573. Last EmbraceMiklós Rózsa Classic3.4461482613214543
574. Cliffs of FreedomGeorge Kallis Modern3.446101715273022
575. The Princess DiariesJohn Debney Modern3.4446647675161182170
576. The Grand Budapest HotelAlexandre Desplat Modern3.4442773344516584
577. The Boys from BrazilJerry Goldsmith Classic3.4442142329505458
578. A Cure for WellnessBenjamin Wallfisch Modern3.44397814242922
579. Open RangeMichael Kamen Modern3.4421,551148187430404382
580. ExplorersJerry Goldsmith Classic3.4412382439515668
581. Tomb RaiderTom Holkenborg Modern3.4392052736284866
582. The MartianHarry Gregson-Williams Modern3.4392211733478440
583. PaycheckJohn Powell Modern3.4395455877125138147
584. The Super Mario Bros. MovieBrian Tyler, Various Modern3.4371831530425244
585. Babylon 5: Messages from EarthChristopher Franke Misc3.4372705032345896
586. The Princess BrideMark Knopfler Classic3.43634253396674110
587. PlatoonGeorges Delerue Classic3.435108816273522
588. Notes on a ScandalPhilip Glass Modern3.4355316070116149136
589. Empire of the SunJohn Williams Classic3.4344793573125141105
590. Don Juan DeMarcoMichael Kamen Modern3.43437134499411084
591. Medal of Honor: FrontlineMichael Giacchino Misc3.4345657568117147158
592. SpeedMark Mancina Modern3.434519103588067211
593. Deadpool 2Tyler Bates Modern3.43233340585872105
594. Couples RetreatA.R. Rahman Modern3.432451585398120122
595. Crouching Tiger, Hidden DragonTan Dun Modern3.43214,1851,1322,3883,7882,9713,906
596. FrozenChristophe Beck, Various Modern3.4315986095130153160
597. The MoleDavid Michael Frank TV3.4316846896165183172
598. Mulan IIJoel McNeely Modern3.4311672325313355
599. Christopher Columbus: The DiscoveryCliff Eidelman Modern3.431508667296125149
600. Night at the MuseumAlan Silvestri Modern3.4316646690160188160
601. The PagemasterJames Horner Modern3.43181588115198186228
602. AtonementDario Marianelli Modern3.42891199130207232243
603. Kung Fu Panda 3Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe Modern3.4272062030534855
604. Mr. Holland's OpusMichael Kamen Modern3.4271432221213247
605. ShadowlandsGeorge Fenton Modern3.4261833021304557
606. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessDanny Elfman Modern3.42633130527110375
607. Wing CommanderDavid Arnold, Kevin Kiner Modern3.424934107126200266235
608. Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryDanny Elfman Modern3.4241,781163286420457455
609. The Unknown KnownDanny Elfman Modern3.42332628507510271
610. InvincibleHans Zimmer, Klaus Badelt Modern3.422417555287108115
611. GodzillaDavid Arnold Modern3.4221,652140230462433387
612. Night at the Museum: Secret of the TombAlan Silvestri Modern3.4221851831414550
613. Muppet Treasure IslandHans Zimmer, Various Modern3.4211,025127130230260278
614. Charlotte's WebDanny Elfman Modern3.4217035897193201154
615. The EdgeJerry Goldsmith Modern3.4211,868107297573485406
616. Call of the WildLee Holdridge TV3.4211831927424847
617. Twelfth NightShaun Davey Modern3.4213404745629096
618. The Four FeathersJames Horner Modern3.4201,965220247473537488
619. Snow White: Tale of TerrorJohn Ottman TV3.4205314472154139122
620. The VanishingJerry Goldsmith Modern3.4192913342627876
621. FrontiersCompilation Misc3.419439695367125125
622. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1Carter Burwell Modern3.41945680676668175
623. We're No AngelsGeorge Fenton Modern3.4181532815233948
624. The Bourne SupremacyJohn Powell Modern3.4171,705147245448480385
625. Terminator GenisysLorne Balfe Modern3.4172402239556559
626. Godzilla (2014)Alexandre Desplat Modern3.41640935709111697
627. CocoMichael Giacchino, Various Modern3.4162191537527243
628. StardustIlan Eshkeri Modern3.4142222630456853
629. The PhantomDavid Newman Modern3.4144885857115141117
630. The MexicanAlan Silvestri, Abraham Laboriel Modern3.4131,207137147298330295
631. MannixLalo Schifrin TV3.4122504236296380
632. RoboCop 3Basil Poledouris Modern3.4125147141610
633. The Black CauldronElmer Bernstein Classic3.4122773838536880
634. The Black HoleJohn Barry Classic3.4111802225404350
635. City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's GoldMarc Shaiman Modern3.4115827073134158147
636. Battlestar Galactica (Series)Bear McCreary, Richard Gibbs TV3.41031552425067104
637. AmazonAlan Williams Misc3.4092422139606458
638. The Star Trek AlbumCompilation Misc3.4093184735579980
639. The King's ManMatthew Margeson, Dominic Lewis Modern3.4091371022354228
640. GodmotheredRachel Portman Modern3.408120919313625
641. Avengers: Infinity WarAlan Silvestri Modern3.4084664771113115120
642. The Shape of WaterAlexandre Desplat Modern3.4082872939737868
643. The Magnificent SevenJames Horner, Various Modern3.4071621226405232
644. ZathuraJohn Debney Modern3.4073244345687395
645. The HauntingJerry Goldsmith Modern3.4071,446127179413432295
646. Spider-Man: Far From HomeMichael Giacchino Modern3.4073323260708189
647. The Legend of Butch & SundanceBasil Poledouris TV3.407911511152228
648. Island of the SharksAlan Williams Misc3.4063724054869993
649. Happy FeetJohn Powell Modern3.40641449509512496
650. The NotebookAaron Zigman Modern3.4052,040189324505516506
651. DumboDanny Elfman Modern3.4054623878105141100
652. The Return of a Man Called HorseLaurence Rosenthal Classic3.4052523132547461
653. Bad GirlsJerry Goldsmith Modern3.4044234758100113105
654. Cry, The Beloved CountryJohn Barry Modern3.4033034439597388
655. Astro BoyJohn Ottman Modern3.4033184340688087
656. FatelessEnnio Morricone Modern3.4022713832547770
657. 10 Cloverfield LaneBear McCreary Modern3.4021221120273727
658. Harry Potter and the Goblet of FirePatrick Doyle Modern3.4014,1864805751,0151,0201,096
659. World Trade CenterCraig Armstrong Modern3.40075783117171186200
660. City of EmberAndrew Lockington Modern3.4001251118314025
661. The Monkey King 2Christopher Young Modern3.4001601825334341
662. Corpse BrideDanny Elfman Modern3.4001,913167323446532445
663. Spider-Man: HomecomingMichael Giacchino Modern3.3993183163637091
664. Artemis FowlPatrick Doyle Modern3.3991981429546635
665. The Quiet AmericanCraig Armstrong Modern3.3976398379143169165
666. Bernard Herrmann at Fox: Volume 1Compilation Misc3.3972924035637777
667. The AviatorHoward Shore Modern3.3971,634161250405415403
668. Take a Hard RideJerry Goldsmith Classic3.39781766123232213183
669. Rio ConchosJerry Goldsmith Classic3.39685477126223238190
670. After EarthJames Newton Howard Modern3.395898107155168212256
671. Two BrothersStephen Warbeck Modern3.3955376774117138141
672. Oz the Great and PowerfulDanny Elfman Modern3.39465748101180200128
673. Red PlanetGraeme Revell Modern3.394823110104180210219
674. Chicago HopeJeff Rona, Mark Isham TV3.3935916887123171142
675. The Back to the Future TrilogyAlan Silvestri Misc3.3925207272102128146
676. San AndreasAndrew Lockington Modern3.3922122031506843
677. Big FishDanny Elfman Modern3.3912,563228406675643611
678. Once Upon a ForestJames Horner Modern3.3913073253677382
679. The BeastmasterLee Holdridge Classic3.39164510171913
680. Muppets from SpaceJamshied Sharifi Modern3.390502846110187169
681. DreamkeeperStephen Warbeck TV3.3882943537708369
682. The AvengersAlan Silvestri Modern3.3876989598143166196
683. The ComancherosElmer Bernstein Classic3.3866426396168160155
684. Psycho: The Essential Alfred HitchcockCompilation Misc3.3862774338457180
685. The FlashBenjamin Wallfisch Modern3.3851561424424036
686. Out of TimeGraeme Revell Modern3.3845026760114135126
687. Peter PanJames Newton Howard Modern3.3842,334173394640617510
688. The Deep End of the OceanElmer Bernstein Modern3.38434948516981100
689. Captain MarvelPinar Toprak Modern3.3845605095136148131
690. PsychoBernard Herrmann, Various Modern3.3843314653577897
691. The Jungle BookBasil Poledouris Modern3.3832012125536042
692. Weird: The Al Yankovic StoryLeo Birenberg, Zach Robinson Modern3.38394816232621
693. The DishEdmund Choi Modern3.3835466768126159126
694. EragonPatrick Doyle Modern3.38279073123196225173
695. Perfume: The Story of a MurdererTom Tykwer, Various Modern3.38197816242920
696. The Lord of the RingsLeonard Rosenman Classic3.38187198137196215225
697. True WomenBruce Broughton TV3.3814465263108109114
698. Alfred Hitchcock Presents... Signatures in SuspenseCompilation Misc3.3812602735657855
699. Heart of the OceanJames Horner Misc3.3803474349739785
700. The Black StallionCarmine Coppola, Shirley Walker Classic3.380442735870110131
701. Frost/NixonHans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe Modern3.3803374343779183
702. The Spiderwick ChroniclesJames Horner Modern3.38079385115195210188
703. Shrek 2Harry Gregson-Williams, Various Modern3.37880678136190207195
704. Speed 2: Cruise ControlMark Mancina Modern3.3782624138445980
705. BlizzardMark McKenzie Modern3.3772653832576870
706. House of FrankensteinDon Davis TV3.3772283635374773
707. Triumph of the SpiritCliff Eidelman Modern3.3773134339668778
708. PowderJerry Goldsmith Modern3.37676375108200215165
709. No Time to DieHans Zimmer Modern3.3754806075101113131
710. Jurassic World: Fallen KingdomMichael Giacchino Modern3.37442236789811298
711. HalloweenJohn Carpenter Classic3.37470195115130155206
712. PaparazziBrian Tyler Modern3.37344266707497135
713. The Towering Inferno and Other Disaster ClassicsCompilation Misc3.3732283229495860
714. Return to NeverlandJoel McNeely Modern3.3724786560106126121
715. The Curious Case of Benjamin ButtonAlexandre Desplat Modern3.372967110148226238245
716. DraculaJohn Williams Classic3.3721722226364246
717. Warriors of VirtueDon Davis Modern3.3723123945658776
718. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No TalesGeoff Zanelli, Various Modern3.37240937639613776
719. The Journey of Natty GannJames Horner, Elmer Bernstein Classic3.3711322215253238
720. Bond: Back in Action 2Compilation Misc3.3711863522264558
721. InnerspaceJerry Goldsmith Classic3.371421406611210499
722. Secret Weapons Over NormandyMichael Giacchino Misc3.3702734032567768
723. The Good GermanThomas Newman Modern3.3705386182125137133
724. HostageAlexandre Desplat Modern3.3701191915213133
725. Superman IIKen Thorne Classic3.36984615212616
726. Dream HouseJohn Debney Modern3.3682282836485660
727. UnfaithfulJan A.P. Kaczmarek Modern3.3681,529161223397388360
728. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1James Newton Howard Modern3.3683593065879780
729. IrisJames Horner Modern3.3681,428160178400357333
730. The CoreChristopher Young Modern3.3681852228414846
731. SupergirlJerry Goldsmith Classic3.3672262935485262
732. Themes from The Phantom Menace and Other Film HitsCompilation Misc3.3671882220554942
733. DurangoMark McKenzie TV3.366445586586128108
734. Star Wars: Shadows of the EmpireJoel McNeely Misc3.3663393853808385
735. The Forbidden KingdomDavid Buckley Modern3.3652081437605344
736. Into Thin Air: Death on EverestLee Holdridge TV3.3653594355789489
737. RushHans Zimmer, Various Modern3.365532798395115160
738. RosewoodJohn Williams Modern3.3643413157849574
739. Guardians of the GalaxyTyler Bates Modern3.3635135280126140115
740. Secondhand LionsPatrick Doyle Modern3.36283680116234233173
741. The Incredible HulkCraig Armstrong Modern3.3624866362105148108
742. Squanto: A Warrior's TaleJoel McNeely Modern3.3621162014212635
743. Deep ImpactJames Horner Modern3.3622,181202303655546475
744. LeviathanJerry Goldsmith Modern3.3623544358758494
745. CobbElliot Goldenthal Modern3.3621302119232641
746. Quest for CamelotPatrick Doyle, Various Modern3.361474626996130117
747. Snow White & the HuntsmanJames Newton Howard Modern3.36168571123135200156
748. TwisterMark Mancina Modern3.36076783113190207174
749. Small SoldiersJerry Goldsmith Modern3.3592,842272336889789556
750. The DepartedHoward Shore Modern3.3582653540556570
751. The Film Music of Jerry GoldsmithCompilation Misc3.3583214639708680
752. Space 3: Beyond the Final FrontierCompilation Misc3.3582152337475652
753. Doctor StrangeMichael Giacchino Modern3.3563172861708672
754. Looney Tunes: Back in ActionJerry Goldsmith, John Debney Modern3.3561,254121198327330278
755. Black GoldJames Horner Modern3.35637442558710882
756. TitusElliot Goldenthal Modern3.3556421271008676253
757. The Beyondness of ThingsJohn Barry Misc3.35563473100145161155
758. Electric ShadowsZhao Jiping Misc3.3552964345566884
759. An American Tail: Fievel Goes WestJames Horner Modern3.3551,04695167286268230
760. The SpecialistJohn Barry Modern3.3542093027465155
761. WindBasil Poledouris Modern3.3531702719364345
762. Buffalo GirlsLee Holdridge TV3.3522103128405853
763. Hollywood '96Compilation Misc3.3521823524253860
764. LucaDan Romer Modern3.3501601426405030
765. The Man in the Iron MaskNick Glennie-Smith Modern3.3491,168117176318296261
766. Hellboy II: The Golden ArmyDanny Elfman Modern3.34973662120198211145
767. Hidden FiguresPharrell Williams, Various Modern3.3481351322353530
768. Toy SoldiersRobert Folk Modern3.3481381721303733
769. AraratMychael Danna Modern3.3474526656101113116
770. The Imaginarium of Doctor ParnassusMychael Danna, Jeff Danna Modern3.3472193132484662
771. The X-Files: Fight the FutureMark Snow Modern3.3468,8508171,4472,4552,1152,016
772. Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesBrian Tyler Modern3.3461852126465240
773. The CreatorHans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro Modern3.3461911631515736
774. Pete's DragonDaniel Hart Modern3.34493815242917
775. We're Back! A Dinosaur's StoryJames Horner Modern3.34431155436046107
776. Saving Private RyanJohn Williams Modern3.34412,4137892,3283,7802,8582,658
777. In Pursuit of Honor/Class of '61John Debney Misc3.3441953128403561
778. Strange WorldHenry Jackman Modern3.342111917323320
779. seaQuest DSVJohn Debney TV3.3423133646788172
780. GettysburgRandy Edelman Modern3.3421993427354360
781. Kindergarten CopRandy Edelman Modern3.3395016462130130115
782. The Best of Star Trek: Volume TwoCompilation Misc3.3392302731625753
783. PrimalBob and Barn Misc3.3392984937528476
784. The Boys in the BoatAlexandre Desplat Modern3.339121919373422
785. A Good Day to Die HardMarco Beltrami, Various Modern3.3382753545576870
786. Love ActuallyCraig Armstrong Modern3.3382222536506150
787. Mad Max Beyond ThunderdomeMaurice Jarre Classic3.3362112638464160
788. The WolfmanDanny Elfman, Various Modern3.33678978140185211175
789. Last of the DogmenDavid Arnold Modern3.3352063125426048
790. FrankenweenieDanny Elfman Modern3.33598996172238271212
791. HeatElliot Goldenthal Modern3.3342994746566090
792. Ed WoodHoward Shore Modern3.3332191836606540
793. The FunhouseJohn Beal Classic3.3331351521323829
794. The Iron GiantMichael Kamen Modern3.3331,21898193377305245
795. The Secret GardenZbigniew Preisner Modern3.3331411425343632
796. Mary Shelley's FrankensteinPatrick Doyle Modern3.3322682742687754
797. As Good As It GetsHans Zimmer Modern3.3311,600190230415390375
798. The League of Extraordinary GentlemenTrevor Jones Modern3.3302,446311280680641534
799. Tulip FeverDanny Elfman Modern3.330941015222819
800. The Trial of the Chicago 7Daniel Pemberton Modern3.3291401626313037
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