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     1. Argylle
    2. The Boys in the Boat
   3. Aquaman: Lost Kingdom
  4. Migration
 5. Rebel Moon: A Child of Fire
6. Chicken Run: Dawn/Nugget

       1. The Mask of Zorro
      2. Oppenheimer
     3. Willow
    4. Space Battleship Yamato
   5. The Flash
  6. Tomorrow Never Dies
 7. Top Gun: Maverick
8. The Time Machine
         1. Batman (1989)
        2. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
       3. Oppenheimer
      4. Solo: A Star Wars Story
     5. The Flash
    6. Titanic
   7. LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring
  8. The Creator
 9. Spider-Man: Spider-Verse
10. Avatar: The Way of Water
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  TitleComposer(s)Category Avg. Total1-Star2-Star3-Star4-Star5-Star
801. The 2008 Ghent International Film Festival: Angelo BadalamentiAngelo Badalamenti Misc3.32867711161914
802. The MightyTrevor Jones Modern3.3283204838708975
803. The X-FilesMark Snow TV3.3281,128111200272298247
804. The WarThomas Newman Modern3.3271651925404536
805. Kung Fu Panda 2Hans Zimmer, Various Modern3.327829100130190217192
806. BravePatrick Doyle Modern3.3265866694137161128
807. ContactAlan Silvestri Modern3.3261,118110183306271248
808. The Hollywood SoundCompilation Misc3.325461617995101125
809. A Dog's PurposeRachel Portman Modern3.32583613262414
810. True GritCarter Burwell, Various Modern3.325382405310710775
811. Masquerade HotelNaoki Sato Modern3.324111918323220
812. Aliens vs. Predator - RequiemBrian Tyler Modern3.3242073530305755
813. The Last StarfighterCraig Safan Classic3.3233033648708069
814. Godzilla Minus OneNaoki Sato Modern3.3231331124373328
815. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2James Newton Howard Modern3.3233533068889275
816. Red NoticeSteve Jablonsky Modern3.3211401523343830
817. The Boy in the Striped PajamasJames Horner Modern3.3213715058779591
818. The Emoji MoviePatrick Doyle Modern3.3211061117243519
819. Extreme PrejudiceJerry Goldsmith Classic3.3215496575143151115
820. White Fang 2: Myth of the White WolfJohn Debney Modern3.3193545547729090
821. MalènaEnnio Morricone Modern3.319938135115227238223
822. Face/OffJohn Powell, Gavin Greenaway Modern3.31847290777357175
823. MasadaJerry Goldsmith, Morton Stevens TV3.3173123948737973
824. Rough RidersPeter Bernstein, Elmer Bernstein TV3.3173254850657587
825. Die NibelungenRolf Wilhelm Classic3.3161172213203032
826. Iron WillJoel McNeely Modern3.3161171521252432
827. Angels & DemonsHans Zimmer, Various Modern3.3161,597215268337352425
828. Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-RabbitJulian Nott, Various Modern3.3155876688156149128
829. UnbreakableJames Newton Howard Modern3.3152,594283496578595642
830. Black WidowLorne Balfe Modern3.3152322142586546
831. King Kong LivesJohn Scott Classic3.3142614134517263
832. The FabelmansJohn Williams Modern3.3131661828424038
833. Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate EventsThomas Newman Modern3.3121,620143303420413341
834. Rise of the GuardiansAlexandre Desplat Modern3.3123404650817885
835. The Snow FilesMark Snow Misc3.3111932229475738
836. Dick TracyDanny Elfman Modern3.31164464105175167133
837. My Dog SkipWilliam Ross Modern3.310426516610510896
838. Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood OrchidNerida Tyson-Chew Modern3.3096089478126166144
839. The HappeningJames Newton Howard Modern3.3091,268138235270347278
840. Killing Me SoftlyPatrick Doyle Modern3.3091912033445638
841. Spider-Man: No Way HomeMichael Giacchino Modern3.3083864378808798
842. Vanity FairMychael Danna Modern3.30640858638210699
843. Pee-wee's Big AdventureDanny Elfman Classic3.30538444658511080
844. Home Alone 2: Lost in New YorkJohn Williams Modern3.3041,196155200263282296
845. Liberty HeightsAndrea Morricone Modern3.3023114639738172
846. Spirit: Stallion of the CimarronHans Zimmer, Various Modern3.3023,355475457817791815
847. Under the Tuscan SunChristophe Beck Modern3.3026007676161165122
848. Da 5 BloodsTerence Blanchard Modern3.3011361323354025
849. The Lost ChildMark McKenzie TV3.3013524353879376
850. The Alien TrilogyCompilation Misc3.3011031517202427
851. Life is BeautifulNicola Piovani Modern3.3012,486306379636591574
852. Love FieldJerry Goldsmith Modern3.3002032431544846
853. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the WardrobeHarry Gregson-Williams Modern3.3002,148281343488523513
854. Batman ReturnsDanny Elfman Modern3.3006,4646851,1761,8421,0391,722
855. Kate & LeopoldRolfe Kent Modern3.30067180102170175144
856. Sense and SensibilityPatrick Doyle Modern3.2995597082139147121
857. Tomb Raider: The Cradle of LifeAlan Silvestri Modern3.2981,267168180298348273
858. Bond: Back in ActionCompilation Misc3.2972593234736555
859. The Last CastleJerry Goldsmith Modern3.2971,673128243592424286
860. CreationChristopher Young Modern3.2972022635425148
861. PleasantvilleRandy Newman Modern3.29788678158253217180
862. Gaku (Peak: The Rescuers)Naoki Sato Modern3.2941021715182527
863. PlanesMark Mancina Modern3.2942112735436145
864. Monstrous Movie MusicCompilations Misc3.2941261918253529
865. Notting HillTrevor Jones Modern3.2942524135535568
866. SaharaClint Mansell Modern3.2932393626596850
867. Jurassic WorldMichael Giacchino Modern3.292496469212713398
868. Dark ShadowsDanny Elfman Modern3.29275363138209202141
869. TimelineBrian Tyler, Jerry Goldsmith Modern3.28968181113162178147
870. Meet Joe BlackThomas Newman Modern3.2892,209252375597452533
871. Mars Needs MomsJohn Powell Modern3.289443557898108104
872. Last Stand at Sabre RiverDavid Shire TV3.2881111416292824
873. Kung Fu PandaHans Zimmer, Various Modern3.2881,084145185237247270
874. BigHoward Shore Modern3.28479886143203190176
875. Cape FearBernard Herrmann Misc3.2843035250486687
876. BeowulfAlan Silvestri Modern3.2845857098140150127
877. The Red ViolinJohn Corigliano Modern3.2841,929218328498459426
878. Fifty Shades of GreyDanny Elfman Modern3.28368675125157189140
879. Man to ManPatrick Doyle Modern3.2821702029375133
880. ArgylleLorne Balfe, Various Modern3.2821241122353323
881. UpMichael Giacchino Modern3.2821,474160268369350327
882. White OleanderThomas Newman Modern3.2812855346406086
883. Nicholas NicklebyRachel Portman Modern3.2801,229141167376297248
884. The Scarlet LetterJohn Barry Modern3.2805798093122153131
885. Dragon: The Bruce Lee StoryRandy Edelman Modern3.2803364656728280
886. To OliviaDebbie Wiseman Modern3.27897716322715
887. InterstellarHans Zimmer Modern3.2761,813297305328366517
888. Sin CityRobert Rodriguez, Various Modern3.276867125155181168238
889. The Classic Film Music of John BarryCompilation Misc3.276981616182127
890. Home on the RangeAlan Menken Modern3.27574294108195190155
891. Meet the SpartansChristopher Lennertz Modern3.2742013827354457
892. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten RingsJoel P. West Modern3.2742012036525538
893. The Last LegionPatrick Doyle Modern3.2731651827415029
894. Toy Story 2Randy Newman Modern3.2722,509294468579598570
895. Patch AdamsMarc Shaiman Modern3.2723575247859875
896. Scream 3Marco Beltrami Modern3.2711,805185320488445367
897. HamletPatrick Doyle Modern3.27062675108148163132
898. EpicDanny Elfman Modern3.266458428012513675
899. North Sea Hijack (Ffolkes)Michael J. Lewis Classic3.2661391921333630
900. A Perfect MurderJames Newton Howard Modern3.2652455340254384
901. The RockNick Glennie-Smith, Various Modern3.2647,9737961,5202,1471,8071,703
902. DolittleDanny Elfman Modern3.2632932652867752
903. Ocean MenCliff Eidelman Misc3.2621832528454441
904. SpanglishHans Zimmer Modern3.26172380126188183146
905. Arthur ChristmasHarry Gregson-Williams, Various Modern3.2611612818344635
906. Scent of a WomanThomas Newman Modern3.2612533143665558
907. The Talented Mr. RipleyGabriel Yared Modern3.2611,913203347508458397
908. Return to ParadiseMark Mancina Modern3.2602353733506253
909. Robin and MarianJohn Barry, Richard Shores Classic3.26062872105164162125
910. The Matrix ReloadedDon Davis, Various Modern3.25910,5521,6051,2082,8982,5262,315
911. OutbreakJames Newton Howard Modern3.2582793258577062
912. Medal of Honor: UndergroundMichael Giacchino Misc3.2582293637484860
913. The Next Karate KidBill Conti, William Ross Modern3.25770612221812
914. Reel Chill: The Cinematic Chillout AlbumCompilation Misc3.2563014050717367
915. Black AdamLorne Balfe Modern3.2553615560758091
916. IgorPatrick Doyle Modern3.2552122534555840
917. The Addams FamilyMarc Shaiman Modern3.2541221023363221
918. The MaskRandy Edelman Modern3.2541261725252732
919. Ice AgeDavid Newman Modern3.2546789695180155152
920. HalloweenJohn Carpenter, Various Modern3.2542132139556137
921. Hollywood Stars: Music from the Films of Sean ConneryCompilation Misc3.2521111718262030
922. Gosford ParkPatrick Doyle Modern3.2521,092121154356251210
923. The World is Not EnoughDavid Arnold Modern3.25112,4451,1702,3983,4822,9302,465
924. In CountryJames Horner Modern3.2502003628414055
925. Point of No ReturnHans Zimmer, Nick Glennie-Smith Modern3.2501281821273527
926. Winged MigrationBruno Coulais Modern3.2496429996143154150
927. Dennis the MenaceJerry Goldsmith Modern3.2493464559857978
928. Before I WakeThe Newton Brothers, Danny Elfman Modern3.247851014212515
929. The Truman ShowBurkhart Dallwitz, Philip Glass Modern3.2462892750877550
930. Red SparrowJames Newton Howard Modern3.2452652552706949
931. Quantum of SolaceDavid Arnold Modern3.2451,014118185245263203
932. Frozen IIChristophe Beck, Various Modern3.2441561528454028
933. Untamed HeartCliff Eidelman Modern3.243452646811310899
934. King Solomon's MinesJerry Goldsmith Classic3.2432433740515758
935. Close Encounters: The Essential John Williams CollectionCompilation Misc3.2432764148605770
936. The Butterfly EffectMichael Suby Modern3.2421,232155172367296242
937. For Greater Glory (Cristiada)James Horner Modern3.2422113035426242
938. Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of TimeRobert Folk Modern3.2411331922293429
939. Starship TroopersBasil Poledouris Modern3.2402,742331545619628619
940. Hollywood Stars: Music from the Films of Kevin CostnerCompilation Misc3.2401251725262532
941. WantedDanny Elfman Modern3.2385546595138155101
942. Forever YoungJerry Goldsmith Modern3.2373124353688365
943. Nanny McPheePatrick Doyle Modern3.2372071841565834
944. The WildAlan Silvestri Modern3.2363054742688860
945. The DuchessRachel Portman Modern3.2353705463828487
946. The Haunted MansionMark Mancina Modern3.2353244353857172
947. Calendar GirlsPatrick Doyle Modern3.2345767195153142115
948. Free Willy 3: The RescueCliff Eidelman Modern3.23441458651049691
949. Prince ValiantDavid Bergeaud Modern3.2343164649738167
950. The ScoreHoward Shore Modern3.2345608278147133120
951. My Week With MarilynConrad Pope, Alexandre Desplat Modern3.2334035970879295
952. 1917Thomas Newman Modern3.2331761630554728
953. Cinderella ManThomas Newman Modern3.23369688113184171140
954. Coming Soon: The John Beal Trailer ProjectJohn Beal Misc3.2332153040513856
955. Ancient and ModernAnne Dudley Misc3.2322843248826656
956. Mark Twain's Roughing ItBruce Broughton TV3.2322113034495345
957. News of the WorldJames Newton Howard Modern3.2312082242476037
958. Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2Tyler Bates Modern3.2313083253858850
959. The Omen: The Essential Jerry Goldsmith Film Music CollectionCompilation Misc3.2312955541586378
960. The PeacemakerHans Zimmer Modern3.2302,788351472717680568
961. Dr. Seuss' The GrinchDanny Elfman Modern3.2293193055978651
962. Monte WalshJohn Barry Classic3.2295608087138135120
963. Fantastic VoyageLeonard Rosenman Classic3.2281231918322430
964. Come See the ParadiseRandy Edelman, Various Modern3.2273615560808086
965. Narrow MarginBruce Broughton Modern3.22739760608711080
966. Un Homme et Son ChienPhilippe Rombi Modern3.2271281623313226
967. The RiverJohn Williams Classic3.2262342645615448
968. Goodbye LoverJohn Ottman Modern3.2262434333545261
969. My Best Friend's WeddingJames Newton Howard Modern3.22642958789710195
970. Eastern PromisesHoward Shore Modern3.2252403535537542
971. AliveJames Newton Howard Modern3.22589816282215
972. The PostJohn Williams Modern3.2252362240736536
973. Ice Station ZebraMichel Legrand Classic3.2242945042597865
974. Michael Kamen's OpusCompilation Misc3.2241962832464842
975. The Karate KidJames Horner Modern3.2245758588136145121
976. T-Rex: Back to the CretaceousWilliam Ross Misc3.2242102641485045
977. American JourneyJohn Williams Misc3.223918137152208211210
978. SwitchbackBasil Poledouris Modern3.2235476599144127112
979. The SwarmJerry Goldsmith Classic3.223924124161224215200
980. March of the PenguinsAlex Wurman Modern3.2224917779108112115
981. American History XAnne Dudley Modern3.2211131819222826
982. Flatliners/Falling DownJames Newton Howard Misc3.2213215453637081
983. The Life and Music of Basil PoledourisBasil Poledouris Misc3.221861417161425
984. ValkyrieJohn Ottman Modern3.2205086392129118106
985. The Little PrinceHans Zimmer, Richard Harvey Modern3.21964711181711
986. Cosmic VoyageDavid Michael Frank Misc3.2181101518272822
987. The Power of OneHans Zimmer Modern3.2181472126323632
988. ProofStephen Warbeck Modern3.218441597610810692
989. Jane EyreDario Marianelli Modern3.2181702529384038
990. Frankie StarlightElmer Bernstein Modern3.2161532820323736
991. FlightplanJames Horner Modern3.21577695151186180164
992. PhiladelphiaHoward Shore Modern3.2141171815283620
993. MilkDanny Elfman Modern3.213511629112614092
994. Donnie DarkoMichael Andrews Modern3.2121513528132055
995. The Big PictureCompilation Misc3.2121181819253224
996. The GooniesDave Grusin Classic3.2113414363857971
997. Lois & ClarkJay Gruska TV3.2111332517263530
998. A Kid in Aladdin's PalaceDavid Michael Frank Modern3.2092153835404854
999. Highlander: EndgameNick Glennie-Smith, Stephen Graziano Modern3.209742108119185170160
1000. Beyond BordersJames Horner Modern3.2081,282158218365281260
1001. Ice Age: The MeltdownJohn Powell Modern3.208457587611612780
1002. Ruby CairoJohn Barry Modern3.20838557601018087
1003. AquamanRupert Gregson-Williams, Various Modern3.2083133757818058
1004. The Human StainRachel Portman Modern3.2086268095182153116
1005. The Road to WellvilleRachel Portman Modern3.208525110778894156
1006. The Cable Guy/Fantasy IslandJohn Ottman Misc3.2082654049614669
1007. Hard RainChristopher Young Modern3.2072854149657060
1008. My LifeJohn Barry Modern3.2054096365969590
1009. RobotsJohn Powell Modern3.2045358278126147102
1010. Family PlotJohn Williams Classic3.2031331925302831
1011. Apt PupilJohn Ottman Modern3.2032273043535348
1012. LeatherheadsRandy Newman Modern3.2033164556708065
1013. Standard Operating ProcedureDanny Elfman Modern3.2012893851717356
1014. SpectreThomas Newman Modern3.20041458868585100
1015. Radio FlyerHans Zimmer Modern3.20042968719010793
1016. Dark CityTrevor Jones Modern3.200815125149168184189
1017. Halloween EndsJohn Carpenter, Various Modern3.2001501728394026
1018. The Theory of EverythingJóhann Jóhannsson Modern3.2001852433454835
1019. We Were SoldiersNick Glennie-Smith, Joseph Rizza Kilna Modern3.2001101818232625
1020. The Flim-Flam ManJerry Goldsmith Misc3.1992814048706261
1021. Charlie Wilson's WarJames Newton Howard Modern3.1992924058607262
1022. Iron Man 2John Debney Modern3.198716120132136142186
1023. Lover's PrayerJoel McNeely Modern3.1973906167888292
1024. Poltergeist II: The Other SideJerry Goldsmith Classic3.1974115774989587
1025. Dungeons and DragonsJustin Caine Burnett Modern3.196738105134167175157
1026. The BrideMaurice Jarre Classic3.1962093736404155
1027. X2: X-Men UnitedJohn Ottman Modern3.1966,5359879951,6961,4651,392
1028. Marie WardElmer Bernstein Classic3.195441657510310593
1029. Jurassic Park IIIDon Davis Modern3.1952,546338452653582521
1030. Back to GayaMichael Kamen, Various Modern3.1941031916192425
1031. LegendJerry Goldsmith Classic3.1941,011142191229227222
1032. Star Trek Into DarknessMichael Giacchino Modern3.19459983101152143120
1033. Raya and the Last DragonJames Newton Howard Modern3.1942482352657038
1034. JFKJohn Williams Modern3.193946138170212223203
1035. Sherlock HolmesHans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe Modern3.1931,386217245302297325
1036. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-VerseDaniel Pemberton Modern3.1913407257388093
1037. Men in Black 3Danny Elfman Modern3.190421507611310874
1038. Robot JoxFrederic Talgorn Modern3.1891271723303324
1039. RoboCopBasil Poledouris Classic3.18855864112147125110
1040. BumblebeeDario Marianelli Modern3.1881922036555031
1041. Cats & DogsJohn Debney Modern3.188416636011010281
1042. BarbieMark Ronson, Andrew Wyatt Modern3.1871712127504528
1043. The Poseidon AdventureJohn Williams Classic3.18659081102153134120
1044. DC League of Super-PetsSteve Jablonsky Modern3.1861561930403730
1045. The InterpreterJames Newton Howard Modern3.18545348951259590
1046. Wonder WomanRupert Gregson-Williams Modern3.18543867819010496
1047. Around the World in 80 DaysTrevor Jones Modern3.1855799594125139126
1048. Nanny McPhee ReturnsJames Newton Howard Modern3.1842883863635668
1049. Dragonheart: A New BeginningMark McKenzie Modern3.18474614298156181169
1050. Rocky IIBill Conti Classic3.1831201820273223
1051. The Emperor's ClubJames Newton Howard Modern3.1823184558767267
1052. Nim's IslandPatrick Doyle Modern3.1823625168838476
1053. WALL·EThomas Newman, Peter Gabriel Modern3.182950111171275220173
1054. A Bug's LifeRandy Newman Modern3.1823,559514625870800750
1055. SaltJames Newton Howard Modern3.18158078112133141116
1056. FedoraMiklós Rózsa Misc3.1801332320273627
1057. In DreamsElliot Goldenthal Modern3.1801833527364045
1058. The Eyes of the Panther/Not Since CasanovaJohn Debney Misc3.1802114138353661
1059. SpaceCampJohn Williams Classic3.1803955573968883
1060. MatineeJerry Goldsmith Modern3.1802953951797056
1061. OppenheimerLudwig Göransson Modern3.1791792530484036
1062. Bruce AlmightyJohn Debney Modern3.1781,673257216465442293
1063. Mars Attacks!Danny Elfman Modern3.178917115185217222178
1064. Hocus PocusJohn Debney, James Horner Modern3.1771131222313018
1065. The Lego Batman MovieLorne Balfe Modern3.1771642032414130
1066. White NoiseDanny Elfman Modern3.1761311625353025
1067. The Great Train RobberyJerry Goldsmith Classic3.1751712333394333
1068. Prince of Persia: The Sands of TimeHarry Gregson-Williams Modern3.17570787135183171131
1069. The Rising PlaceConrad Pope Modern3.1741902334524932
1070. Mad Max: Fury RoadTom Holkenborg Modern3.17347390838193126
1071. The HelpThomas Newman Modern3.1732603449656250
1072. A Christmas CarolAlan Silvestri Modern3.1723605063928570
1073. The Girl on the TrainDanny Elfman Modern3.1713223860868553
1074. Puss in BootsHenry Jackman Modern3.1702944151708151
1075. ZodiacDavid Shire Modern3.1691242516233327
1076. Lonesome Dove: Classic Western Film Scores IICompilation Misc3.169651010161712
1077. Mr. DestinyDavid Newman Modern3.1692013528475041
1078. Rush Hour 2Lalo Schifrin Modern3.1691,379192241369296281
1079. Islands in the StreamJerry Goldsmith Classic3.1682022837504740
1080. Liar LiarJohn Debney, James Newton Howard Modern3.168764102150186170156
1081. Mona Lisa SmileRachel Portman Modern3.1683885968909180
1082. The Hunger Games: Catching FireJames Newton Howard Modern3.1653754183958571
1083. Pacific RimRamin Djawadi Modern3.165750109146167168160
1084. Six Days, Seven NightsRandy Edelman Modern3.16571595136185154145
1085. Battle: Los AngelesBrian Tyler Modern3.165497729011312894
1086. The ConversationDavid Shire Classic3.1652433445615350
1087. ShipwreckedPatrick Doyle Modern3.1632022833545235
1088. Renaissance ManHans Zimmer Modern3.162747108156165143175
1089. Thor: Love and ThunderMichael Giacchino, Nami Melumad Modern3.1622603057655751
1090. While You Were SleepingRandy Edelman Modern3.159881615181722
1091. Fields of FreedomTrevor Jones Modern3.1591643122354234
1092. Baby: Secret of the Lost LegendJerry Goldsmith Classic3.1582152943534545
1093. Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning ThiefChristophe Beck Modern3.1573054550777855
1094. ScarfaceGiorgio Moroder Classic3.157891018252016
1095. 1941John Williams Classic3.1572103836424351
1096. GattacaMichael Nyman Modern3.1571,026154219239140274
1097. The Manchurian CandidateDavid Amram, Rachel Portman Misc3.157460688411010494
1098. Mortal KombatBenjamin Wallfisch Modern3.1572303347505149
1099. MagdaleneCliff Eidelman Modern3.1561602628353734
1100. Othello (Ballet)Elliot Goldenthal Misc3.1551873330443545
1101. All the King's MenJames Horner Modern3.155710108116185160141
1102. Alien ResurrectionJohn Frizzell Modern3.1542013537394248
1103. Breakheart PassJerry Goldsmith Classic3.1541171720293021
1104. Something's Gotta GiveHans Zimmer, Various Modern3.1541562731312542
1105. Swept from the SeaJohn Barry Modern3.154468678511810593
1106. The Beautician and the BeastCliff Eidelman Modern3.1542413244635943
1107. Planet of the ApesDanny Elfman Modern3.1534,7105559901,3468171,002
1108. A Simple Twist of FateCliff Eidelman Modern3.1532554638575955
1109. SabrinaJohn Williams Modern3.15274999151181173145
1110. The CroodsAlan Silvestri Modern3.1521712430454032
1111. Point of OriginJohn Ottman TV3.1521252119293224
1112. Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 3John Murphy Modern3.1521451632363625
1113. My Favorite MartianJohn Debney, Danny Elfman Modern3.15157511295110110148
1114. MimicMarco Beltrami Modern3.1511462327313530
1115. The ExpressMark Isham Modern3.15137258658010168
1116. The 33James Horner Modern3.1501531730453526
1117. The Princess and the FrogRandy Newman Modern3.1504806996109106100
1118. The Polar ExpressAlan Silvestri, Glen Ballard Modern3.1492013830405043
1119. Kingsman: The Secret ServiceHenry Jackman, Matthew Margeson Modern3.1491411728373524
1120. The Hunger GamesJames Newton Howard, Various Modern3.149753112146165178152
1121. Men in BlackDanny Elfman Modern3.1472,130238378725411378
1122. EmmaRachel Portman Modern3.14645852891409483
1123. The Sword and the SorcererDavid Whitaker Classic3.1463495069827672
1124. The Kite RunnerAlberto Iglesias Modern3.1462193638504847
1125. Dolores ClaiborneDanny Elfman Modern3.1463644871909065
1126. Gods and MonstersCarter Burwell Modern3.1451521729463525
1127. Good Will HuntingDanny Elfman Modern3.144869118168213211159
1128. ScroogedDanny Elfman Modern3.1442923356837644
1129. The Last DuelHarry Gregson-Williams Modern3.1431752135454628
1130. Mr. Peabody & ShermanDanny Elfman Modern3.1432452846706536
1131. DarkmanDanny Elfman Modern3.14239557749210072
1132. The Accidental TouristJohn Williams Modern3.1423185061716670
1133. NopeMichael Abels Modern3.1401431828373624
1134. Charlotte GrayStephen Warbeck Modern3.1391,035144197269221204
1135. Bless the ChildChristopher Young Modern3.1391803430373544
1136. House of Sand and FogJames Horner Modern3.1391,082135230277230210
1137. The QueenAlexandre Desplat Modern3.13852876103127116106
1138. BreakoutJerry Goldsmith Classic3.1383194363846564
1139. Field of DreamsJames Horner Modern3.137936145178210210193
1140. Captain Corelli's MandolinStephen Warbeck Modern3.1371,251173239318286235
1141. GravitySteven Price Modern3.136536958111514699
1142. MiracleMark Isham Modern3.1363916863859877
1143. Bram Stoker's DraculaWojciech Kilar Modern3.135842162118194180188
1144. The Lost CityPinar Toprak Modern3.1351702135463632
1145. Snow Flower and the Secret FanRachel Portman Modern3.1351632428404427
1146. Stargate SG-1Joel Goldsmith, Various TV3.13570596138183151137
1147. We Are MarshallChristophe Beck Modern3.13363785125167140120
1148. The UninvitedChristopher Young Modern3.1321892935454238
1149. It: Chapter TwoBenjamin Wallfisch Modern3.1323104465706863
1150. A History of ViolenceHoward Shore Modern3.1313435360759956
1151. MidwayJohn Williams Classic3.1311912543463641
1152. The Master of BallantraeBruce Broughton TV3.1302763958655658
1153. JesusPatrick Williams TV3.1302393843585050
1154. Black SundayJohn Williams Classic3.1302473251674750
1155. Mirror MirrorAlan Menken Modern3.1302474346515057
1156. Big EyesDanny Elfman Modern3.129931015342113
1157. DadJames Horner Modern3.1282184633424156
1158. Wedding CrashersRolfe Kent Modern3.127631112131215
1159. Cloudy With a Chance of MeatballsMark Mothersbaugh Modern3.1261512528313730
1160. The TouristJames Newton Howard, Gabriel Yared Modern3.1253214963688160
1161. Meet the RobinsonsDanny Elfman Modern3.12470896145173163131
1162. The English PatientGabriel Yared Modern3.1232,483296524694516453
1163. Unlikely HeroesLee Holdridge Modern3.1231302918242633
1164. ElfJohn Debney Modern3.12365982125192150110
1165. Stanley & IrisJohn Williams Modern3.1232854755616062
1166. Halloween H20 (Portrait of Terror)John Ottman Modern3.1211984526325045
1167. SerenityDavid Newman Modern3.120457867595100101
1168. The Da Vinci CodeHans Zimmer Modern3.1205,4688241,1301,3309331,251
1169. Batman & RobinElliot Goldenthal Modern3.119947151165242198191
1170. The FugitiveJames Newton Howard Modern3.1191,371192286335283275
1171. The River WildJerry Goldsmith, Maurice Jarre Modern3.1182794055715855
1172. Vampires SuckChristopher Lennertz Modern3.1172825441607255
1173. The FountainClint Mansell, Various Modern3.11769517612759106227
1174. 100 RiflesJerry Goldsmith Classic3.11657973122155123106
1175. Deep Blue SeaTrevor Rabin Modern3.1151,145165211317231221
1176. PossessionGabriel Yared Modern3.115966135174268223166
1177. Star Trek III: The Search for SpockJames Horner Classic3.113900130183218193176
1178. Sausage PartyChristopher Lennertz, Alan Menken Modern3.1131241924302625
1179. ThunderheartJames Horner Modern3.1132405038474560
1180. A Very Long EngagementAngelo Badalamenti Modern3.1123666465808077
1181. Christopher RobinGeoff Zanelli, Various Modern3.1111351328443119
1182. The MuseElton John Modern3.111840135148215173169
1183. Dust to GloryNathan Furst Modern3.1101542726353531
1184. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon EmperorRandy Edelman, John Debney Modern3.110821015252012
1185. The Monuments MenAlexandre Desplat Modern3.1102373949475151
1186. Fast FiveBrian Tyler Modern3.11061198120135133125
1187. Gnomeo & JulietElton John, Various Modern3.1094126880908787
1188. First ManJustin Hurwitz Modern3.1081581634483723
1189. The Lake HouseRachel Portman Modern3.1081863629404140
1190. BounceMychael Danna Modern3.1054978495109103106
1191. RobotechUlpio Minucci, Various TV3.1043466165727375
1192. NightbreedDanny Elfman Modern3.104405567710610165
1193. Big Hero 6Henry Jackman Modern3.1041933335444140
1194. Final SolutionJohn Sponsler, Tom Gire Modern3.1032034637312861
1195. KnowingMarco Beltrami Modern3.1035137110512312886
1196. The MarvelsLaura Karpman Modern3.1021662332414525
1197. HeidiLee Holdridge TV3.1022944650806454
1198. HitchcockDanny Elfman Modern3.1023343869958547
1199. MonsignorJohn Williams Classic3.1021772634454032
1200. AlwaysJohn Williams Modern3.1013765876878075
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